Esports Sees Upturn in Match Fixing

According to official regulators, the world of eSports has witnessed a significant upturn in the amount of match fixing being reported around the world. This is perhaps not a surprise when you consider there is now more prize money available and the industry itself is now valued at more than $1 billion.

Global Agency Under-Resourced

As match fixing is on the increase, it’s concerning to discover that the global agency tasked with the job of stopping it is drastically under-resourced. What this means is the agency is unable to cope with numbers of complaints that flood in on a constant basis.

The Esports Integrity Commission currently fields at least 100 complaints per day, but they admit that only a small percentage of them can actually be investigated to any great degree. In short, match fixing is being carried out, and the odds of them being caught are relatively low. Of course, the ESIC also state a number of these complaints are not even credible in the first place, but that doesn’t mean they should not then be investigated.

In the Hands of the Teams

According to people within the ESIC, the teams themselves need to be the ones that take the lead. A more recent case involved the team of Fnatic. Considering they are huge in this industry, it leads to a number of potential commercial deals Unfortunately, one of their more recent potential deals was a mere front for a match fixer. However, upon discovering the truth behind their deal, Fnatic contacted the ESIC in order for it to be investigated.

This is only one of several such issues that have hit the big-name teams around the world. Match fixers realize the potential for earning a huge sum of money thanks to the size of the industry.

This is a legitimate global problem. Police in Australia have already arrested a group of five men who were guilty of match fixing in esports, and according to insiders at the ESIC, that is only the tip of the iceberg. The fact that the Sports Integrity Unit led this investigation should perhaps come as no surprise while also showing how seriously the authorities take this.

From a betting perspective on esports, it makes it harder to then believe that games are fair and true. As the industry only continues to grow in size, then this problem will also grow accordingly. If the ESIC fails to get additional funding, and for this to happen soon, then there is a serious risk of match fixing taking over to a certain degree bringing the integrity of the sport into question.