Florida Mutineers win CDL Paris

Florida Mutineers go Back-To-Back at CDL Paris

The Florida Mutineers become the first team to win back-to-back CDL weekends. Beating the Atlanta FaZe, Dallas Empire and New York Subliners in the process. 

Florida Mutineers 3-0 Paris Legion

The first game of the event saw Florida take on Paris, a team which had never lost 3-0 in any of their previous round one matchups. The Mutineers came out strong, setting the pace with a 250-148 Hardpoint and 31 kills from Fero. He was a very important player for Florida this weekend and played the best we’ve ever seen from him. They continued this momentum into both Search and Destroy (6-4) and Domination (160-139) to win the series 3-0. This was a convincing win and proved that the Mutineers were here to win back-to-back titles. 

Florida Mutineers 3-1 Dallas Empire

In the qualifier match the Mutineers took down the Empire with ease. Game one saw Fero and Owakening put up 35 and 34 kills respectively, leading the way to a 250-169 victory. The momentum continued into game two for a 6-1 victory with 11 kills from Owakening. Owakening has truly proved he can hang with the best of the best in Call of Duty. 

This series could’ve been a 3-0, but Dallas Empire clutched up in the final moments of the Domination to win 160-158. However, the Mutineers were too strong and won game four 250-240 to take the series 3-1. Owakening dropped another 30 kills and so did Havok, this was the start of his exceptional Championship Sunday performance.

Florida Mutineers 3-2 New York Subliners (Semi-Final)

New York started this series going 2-0 up. By New York, I mean MackMelts and Attach. The SMGs of the Subliners fried in games one and two. Attach had a 1.55 K/D in game one with 34 kills and Mack went 13-4 in game two. That’s a massive 3.25 K/D. However, the Mutineers responded, taking this to a game five and completing the reverse sweep to win the series 3-2. An extremely close Domination saw Florida win 153-146, before taking the Hardpoint 250-133

That was on Ramazza, a map which the Subliners’ Temp told no one to play him on… he might want to rethink that statement. Finally, the Mutineers escaped the deep waters of being 2-0 down to win the series 3-2 after a 6-3 game five (a result predicted in my Finals Preview). Havok slayed with 91 kills, the most in the lobby over the series and continued this form into the Final.

Florida Mutineers 3-0 Atlanta FaZe (Final)

The Final was a complete blow out from the Mutineers. A 250-190 Hardpoint win put them 1-0 up in the series. Following this, they moved over to Piccadilly, a map which both teams have incredible records on. This was evident as it went to a round 11, however Priestahh couldn’t get the kill on the bomb and Florida took a 2-0 lead. Owakening put up double digit kills yet again and excelled this weekend. 

Map 3… Well, this is how Priestahh felt… 

Florida completely dominated FaZe, winning 235-70. This map gave flashbacks to open pool CWL events of the past when teams would be absolutely blown out, except for this was Atlanta FaZe on the receiving end. Skyz and Fero finished the Final with 1.88 and 1.56 overall K/D’s respectively, with Fero going 31-12 in map three. This was an incredible event for Florida. They become the first team to win three events and the first to go back-to-back. Are they the best team in the game right now? In my opinion, yes. 

If this was Warzone, FaZe just got sent to the Gulag.