Fortnite: Epic Replaced Aqua’s Warning With a 14-Day Ban After Violating Competitive Code of Conduct

The 2019 duos World Cup Champion, Aqua, recently got a 14-ban from Fortnite, which saw him missing the FNCS Grand Finals on Sunday. Aqua violated Fortnite’s competitive code of conduct after he left a competition before elimination. The 18-year old star went ahead to post clips of other pro players leaving games before elimination. Despite giving Aqua competitive warnings, Epic Games didn’t overlook the intensified stream snipping accusations. It is the snipping accusations that made Aqua wake up to a temporarily banned account.

Aqua reportedly watched two of his teammates get killed in a fight and went into hiding before disconnecting from the game later. The World Champion violated Fortnite’s season 4 recently enacted measure that forbids players from promoting themselves as banned or cheating to avoid elimination.

Fortnite has a reputation for taking stringent measures against players to avoid policy violations. For instance, after every tournament, winners are vetted by analytical processes to establish whether their victory is genuine. Other regular players who participate in contests are also screened to verify whether they adhered to the game’s rules and policies.

Aqua’s Profound Apology on Twitter

Before taking to his official Twitter account to apologize, Aqua revealed that his Twitter remarks might have offended Epic Games. Aqua acknowledged that his tweets were poorly timed and uncalled for, especially after being repeatedly given competitive warnings. Aqua also revealed that Epic Games notified him in advance, spelling out the reasons (only two tweets violated the rules) why they took such an action, given his global status.

Aqua finished his apology by promising never to put himself in such a situation, hoping that Epic Games would reevaluate their punishment. Aqua is the only player from his team who got the temporary ban. Despite missing the FNCS Grand Finals, he will likely be absent at the DreamHack Duos tournament too.

Other Notable Players That Were Banned From Fortnite in 2020

Fortnite is a big game that attracts tens of millions of fans across the globe. To protect its credibility and reputation, Epic Games never hesitates to lock anyone out of their accounts once they suspect mischievous activity or gaming strategy. It is important to understand that while most honest players often welcome Epic Gaming’s banning move, others think that it is outrageous. Here are other notable players banned in 2020:

Slackes, Bucke, and Their Teammates

Slackes and Keys agreed to trade shots with Bucke and his teammate to avoid the Storm Surge during a tournament. A Storm Surge in Fortnite flushes out players by deactivating and hurting the less damaged players, who are presumably hiding from fire for cheating purposes. The famous duos received a 60-day ban.


Zenon’s story is the most unique of all bans in 2020. Instead of getting a ban because of a violation, he got punished for playing. Zenon was locked from competitive Fortnite for 1,459 days until his 13th birthday. His ban came after he got into a global Championship Series that prohibits under-age players.

Suppose you are aspiring to play Fortnite at competitive stages. In that case, these instances should serve as a wake-up call to refrain from actions that would result in a humiliating, unceremonious ban.