Fortnite: Rejoin Match as a Ghost After Dying in Fortnitemares 2020

Who has yet to try out Fortnite’s ‘Fortnitemares 2020: Midas’ Revenge’ Halloween edition? Well, you have up to November 3 to enjoy the best of Halloween themes and next-level aesthetics that redefine the gaming experience. Besides the amazing flying brooms, Epic has introduced extraordinary gameplay that allows players to resurrect as a ghost and fight other “humans” for revenge. Some people may view this new character as a “shadow”, but you can still access supernatural abilities while in this mode. The ghost ability works with squads, solos, or even duos.

“Ghost-Mode” Abilities

Can you imagine coming back to the world as a ghost to avenge your death by destroying your killers? Well, that’s how battle royale is. Players now don’t have any excuse to concede defeat, when they can re-strategize and attack with supernatural abilities. For instance, if you want to strike unannounced, you can simply stand still and your shadow goes invisible.

The best part is that while invisible you can swallow any dangerous materials within your reach to prevent human players from harming you. In other words, you can mess with human players as much as you want. After all, who has ever gone to war with the “dead” and emerged victoriously?

However, it is important to note that “ghost” players cannot access or possess weapons. They have to attack in melee style to kill or harm other human players. Ghost players can also still access vehicles to help them run away from danger.

Scan for Human Players

While growing up, we believed that ghosts could “smell” human presence around them when hunting for their victims. Well, Fortnitemares 2020 allows shadow players to scan human players around them and flush them from their hideouts. Human players will appear as red indicators when you hit the scan icon.

Will We Have More Casual or Cautious Players?

The whole new gaming mechanism will change how thousands of players across the globe approach the game. While most will go in reckless and casual knowing that they’ll come back, others will remain cautions not to kill for the fear of being hunted by ghosts. Either way, it is still a battle royale with everyone looking forward to being crowned the “Nightmare royale”. This position goes to the last human player standing. Therefore, being cautious sounds like a good plan for visionary Fortnite legends.

The Latest Fortnite Update

Epic finally heard the cries of millions of players who felt locked out of Halloween’s Fortnitemares 2020 because of limited storage capacity. Epic recently redeployed an updated version of Fortnite that addresses several bugs and improves the general player experience. The new version, – version 14.40 – is shrunk to 30GB all the way from the initial 90GB. This is a whopping 60GB scrapped off so that everyone can enjoy the game without memory limitations.

Some of the features in the updated version include the 3rd Fortnite Birthday Cake that is now part of the Indoor Residential Prop Gallery. Veterans with granted access can now also leverage the newly-added Matchmaking Portals to customize the matches as much as possible. In other words, you can now enjoy a personally-tailored experience without coding or programming skills!