Hector “H3cz” Rodriguez Acquires OpTic

The world of esports is one where if you blink, you can miss a lot of the latest news and events. There had previously been rumblings in the media about the possible acquisition of the CDL franchise OpTic by popular esports entrepreneur, Hector “H3cz” Rodrigues, but in the last week, more details have emerged on the concluded deal.

A Brief Background

The Esports Observer, a while ago, reported on their platform that underground talks have been held between the two parties (OpTic and Rodriguez’s NRG) over the past month. As of October 1, 2020, rumblings in the esports world were singing to the tune of a deal – that despite not being completed yet – was in its advanced stages. As most fans and industry players are aware, any deal like this involving the movement of one CDL team to another organization, is subject to approval from the league itself. This, among other minute details, were the last of the particulars needed to be ironed out before pen could be put to paper on the acquisition.

H3CZ Acquires OpTic

As of right now, the deal is in its final stages and Hector Rodriguez looks to be purchasing the franchise in his own name. Paper work has already been filed according to league rules and, as things stand, he has personally funded the acquisition from his own wallet.

There may, however, be one stumbling block to Rodriguez’s dream of owning OpTic: CDL league approval. In the Call of Duty League, the rules state that no company can own two franchises. His NRG organization already owns the Huntsmen and adding another team under the brand name, if he went that route, wouldn’t have passed through league approval.

Of course, this is probably why he is buying OpTic in his own name instead of under his company’s corporate umbrella. Speculators are of the shared opinion that the league has no reason to suspect any conflict of interest of foul play with the deal, as Rodrigues is one of the most respected names in the industry.

Hector “H3cz” Rodriguez’s Profile

One of the most respected men in esports, Rodriguez was actually one of the founding members of OpTic. He took over the team in 2007 and grew it, over the next decade, into one of the largest brands in esports. When the team was sold to Infinite Sports and Entertainment in 2017, he stayed on until 2019, when it was sold again to Immortals. Since then, he found a home as co-CEO of NRG – a esports company that hosts many players and teams across different games.

Rodriguez is also involved in the day-to-day activity of running an esports franchise. He is active in managing the Chicago Huntsmen team (which is owned by his organization). He also creates and curates the content that makes it onto the company’s social media as well as other digital channels.

In Other News

OpTic, two days ago, welcomed back Thomas Haly. A rising star, he was first acquired in 2018 and shortly after, helped the team will CWL Las Vegas Open 2019. OpTic hopes that his return will further boost their league credentials come the new season.