KennyS - G2

KennyS has not renewed his contract with G2

Almost all of G2's CSGO roster has renewed contracts with their players. However, KennyS is still to sign up with the organsiation.

It seems there are problems in the French CS:GO scene once again. The current G2 roster was signed with the intention of becoming a world class CS:GO team under Ex6tenz’s guidance. The French scene has always been full of highly skilled players who are often considered amongst the best in the world, however the French teams always seem to lack the best strategic approach to their teams.

The current G2 roster contains several top-class players from the French scene and most notably it involves the ‘correct mixture’ of firepower and leadership. With Ex6tenz originally joining hands with the likes of Shox, KennyS and Smithzz, this roster was set up to be the best performing French team ever.

Unfortunately reality has been far from expectations with G2 hardly making an impact on the world stage. For a team with legandary CS:GO names like KennyS and Ex6tenz on the roster they’ve had almost no wins of note in recent months. Even with such a stellar roster they have been a Tier 2 team at best, often failing against other Tier 2 rosters.

A new Contract – But not everyone has signed

The G2 organisation currently is at the point of signing new contracts with existing players in preparation for the future. According to a report by Nel, the new contract will extend the players’ association with the organisation until 2020, but not all players have signed with the organisation yet. Their star player, Kenny “kennyS” Schrub is yet to sign on the dotted line.

KennyS is the star player on this roster and is consistently amongst the top ten players in the world, performing incredibly at nearly all offline events he’s a part of. As a player, he performs exceedingly well despite being on a team which has not produced any credible results in the past year and, because of this, strategies on the G2 roster revolve around enabling Kenny with his insane AWP skills.

The new contracts provide better stability and benefits to the players and it is lucrative for the players to go for such a contract to ensure long-term stability. While specifics of these benefits have not been mentioned, we assume they include health benefits, stable incomes amongst others, though in constrast it also comes with a lower salary.

KennyS not signing the new contract definitely might spell disaster for this team. As a key component of the roster, he has been performing exceptionally well on an individual level but has yet to be a member in one of the top 10 teams of the world. There is still time for the player to sign a new contract as his current contract expires only in February 2019, though if he refuses to sign he will move to be a free agent (FA), and will likely be picked up by one of the most successful and established teams, such as FaZe or Astralis.

This roster still has time together

Recently G2 owner Carlos Ocelote expressed his disappointment over the team’s lack of results. Since the entire roster has not signed their contracts at the same time, it could signal a discord within the roster and would most likely lead to several more months of poor performances and results. With this, they are likely to become substantial underdog bets in the coming months on the lead up to this contractual deadline, and will likely continue to spiral.

Despite the new contracts and the fact that KennyS has not signed a new contract, this current roster still has several months together. As of now, negotiations are still ongoing between the AWPer and G2 esports.