LCS 2020 Preseason Power Rankings from Tim Sevenhuysen

Tim Sevenhuysen is a League of Legends stats guru. He’s both the founder of and Head of Esports Data Science for Esports One, so we think he knows a thing or two when it comes to digesting data and making some solid predictions.

In a recent series of posts on Oracles Elixir, Tim has been detailing his preseason power rankings coming into the LCS Spring Split 2020 and we’ve brought them in to include some additional betting information to back up his claims. If you’d like to read the original article, then head over to his blog and give him a follow!

So to cut to the chase, here’s Tim’s top 10 in descending order, coupled with the current preseason outright odds for the LCS Spring Split 2020 from esports betting site Midnite.

  • Golden Guardians (18.50)
  • Immortals (17.00)
  • Dignitas (17.00)
  • 100 Thieves (16.00)
  • FlyQuest (16.00)
  • TSM (7.60)
  • Counter Logic Gaming (9.60)
  • Evil Geniuses (12.50)
  • Cloud9 (5.20)
  • Team Liquid (2.10)

Although receiving some controversy on Twitter from r/tsm (who’d have thought, TSM fans would be salty!?) the majority of picks fall into place with predictions from the top esports bookmakers, with the exception of the 3-5 mark which flip around a little.

Team Liquid (2.10)

Team Liquid’s perceived league domination has stemmed from two main reasons. Not only did Team Liquid dominate the Regular Season with a 14W-4L record, but also boasts a roster addition of Broxah, the former LEC Fnatic superstar. This addition to the Jungle will assist play making across the map and could be just what the team needs to unify and excentuate the individual talent to victory.

Evil Genius’ (2.10)

Speaking on Evil Genius’ higher position, Tim writes:

Evil Geniuses have the pieces to be a very good team, and I feel good about the coaching staff they’ve assembled. Despite CLG’s continuity and improvements, and despite TSM’s skill advantages in the solo lanes, I see EG moving past both of them into the top three.

With odds ranging from 12.50 to 17.00 across top sportbooks, we may give them an underdog shot! Especially to reach playoffs.

What do you think of Tim’s predictions? Leave us a comment below or catch him on Twitter at @TimSevenhuysen.

LCS Spring Split 2020 Outrights on Midnite

If you’re looking for good odds on the favourites, then Midnite have a habit of being your best port of call. Don’t expect to see lines above 51.00, but favourites will have a cherry on top.

LCS Spring Split 2020 Outrights on Bet365

Bet365 have a range of outright for the Spring Split, including Team vs. Field and To Reach The Playoffs, which can give you some extra flexibility when picking a bet. Favorites will be a little less appealing than Midnite, but underdogs will have much higher odds if you feel like taking a risk.

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