LeoVegas acquires betting operator Pixel.bet

Recently announced, esports betting house, Pixel.bet, now have investors involved of the Swedish nationality.

LeoVenture, investment arm of LeoVegas, have invested a whopping 51% into the betting house with a deal that has accumulated over €1.5 million and has since made its public debut. CEO of the LeoVenture company, Mr Gustaf Hagman, seemed extremely excited by this new opportunity and responded in an interview by claiming that Pixel.bet would provide a “unique insight into a new and fast-growing segment” of the gambling marketplace and he believed esports to be “an international and fast-growing area” and one that intrigued him greatly.

Esports as an industry has excelled in leaps and bounds over the course of the last couple of years and gambling houses are in turn taking it upon themselves to incorporate esports betting odds into their business and the evidence of this being successful is outstanding. More and more operators are including this field as an option and fans can see a huge increase in tournaments, sponsorships and overall coverage that is rumoured to continue to progress and even double within the next two year margin.

In terms of betting platforms there are a number of star choices for returning fans and some that have secured a reputation in the esports world. Pinnacle was one of the first to explore this pathway back in 2010 and within a seven year turn-around they were known for taking in over 5 million in betting wagers and went on to expand as an esports speciality. Pixel.bet and LeoVenture in turn could equally relaunch this idealistic and their partnership makes for a very exciting future in the world of esports betting.

The CEO of Pixel.bet, Mr Eirik Kristiansen, spoke admiringly towards LeoVentures and labelled their recent business partner as a “unique partner and investor who understands and shares our passion” for esports.

The exciting new deal is set to close in the current quarter and make room for fans of the Nordic region to jump on the virtual bandwagon and for further esports ventures to progress, with Pixel.bet’s vision being to ‘create the greatest gaming experience in betting on esports’ we wait eagerly to see the outcome.