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Guide to Live Betting in PUBG

Welcome to our introduction guide to live betting on Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) competitive matches. This guide will explain general gameplay mechanics, how live PUBG betting works, and betting strategies you can use to increase your odds regardless of whether or not you are an experienced PUBG player. Without further ado, let’s get that chicken dinner.

Introduction to Gameplay Mechanics:

What is Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds?

PUBG is a competitive survival shooter. Players are dropped into a wide, open area, and they must fight to the death – all while the battlefield shrinks, adding pressure to all in its grip. In order to win, you must be the last player alive.

At each player’s disposal are guns, attachments, meds, and energy boosts scattered throughout the map with random drop chances. Also added into the mix are specific locations that have higher drop chance for military grade loot and vehicles ranging from motorcycles to boats. At a specfic time intervalal, a plane will fly over the map and randomly drop a supply crate that sometimes contains loot that is unique to the loot crate.

The game currently features a third person mode and a first person mode for gameplay. There are three types of multiplayer options which are solo, duo, and squad (4 players). At the time of this post, two maps are available on live servers: Erangel and Miramar.

How Live PUBG Betting works

What is Live Betting?

Live Betting is a betting option that allows you to place wagers any point between the start and the end of a match. This is an alternative type of betting than the traditional form betting, which requires you to lock in wagers prior to the start of a match. Live betting can be difficult for many bettors as events in a match will affect the odds of a bet in real time. The odds of one team winning or losing can rapidly change in the matter of a few seconds.

How to use Live Betting to Your Advantage:

The advantage to live betting is that you can better predict an outcome of a match based on in-game events. For example: if you are betting on a PUBG Squads match, if a player on one team is killed (leaving them with 3 alive players instead of 4), that team’s odds of winning are significantly decreased and this is reflected in the betting odds. While their odds of winning decrease, the payoff for anyone who makes this bet after this event occurs becomes larger. You, as the bettor, are now better informed of the probable outcome of this match. You must then decide whether the additional payoff is worth the additional risk.

What to Look For In PUBG Live Betting:

Live betting, like all forms of betting, is dependent on computer algorithms to determine the probability of an outcome. With live betting, however, it is more difficult for the computer algorithm to accurately predicting the probability of outcomes in real-time than if it were predicting the outcome prior to the start of the match. It cannot account for everything done by players in-game exactly. Specifically in PUBG, there are many variables that can significantly affect the outcome of the game. With that in mind, the bettor/spectator may have a better prediction of an outcome than the computer algorithm.

Many things in PUBG are randomized; from the initial flight path of the plane at the start of the game to the location of the next blue circle, one team’s luck can significantly influence the outcome. Let’s use an example in the case of the randomized flight path: let’s say that you are well-informed about most, if not all the teams and their players in a current match. The flight path will directly be flying over the very much sought after “School” location. You can then use the following form of thinking:

You may know that a specific player or a specific team (from watching streams, videos, etc) excels at fighting enemies at this location. In the mind of the bettor, that team may have a higher percentage chance of winning against another team that drops with them.

Because you know that the “School” location often has some of the best loot in the game, you would be more likely to believe that the team that gains control of School (albeit other variables) will have a higher chance of winning the game than a team that dropped into a location which is less likely to have certain kinds of loot. In PUBG, this is actually a thing as some places have military grade loot while others do not.

The computer algorithm most likely will not be able to factor in these variables while you, the informed spectator, can.
You can then place your bet with the current odds instead of if you wait to see if your prediction is right. If you wait for something such as them eliminating another team, their odds of winning will increase, meaning your potential payoff will be less than what you could have been should you have made the bet sooner.

This is but one of the many scenarios in PUBG. where your information will make live betting a more favorable option for you.

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