New Oceania League of Legends Tournament for 2021

In another sign that the world of Esports may be attempting to come out of the difficulties it has had to face throughout 2020, it has been revealed a new League of Legends tournament for Oceania will run in 2021. At this moment, details are still on the scarce side, but we do know enough to get some idea as to how things will operate.

Guinevere Capital and ESL Gaming Partnership

It all stems from a partnership formed between Guinevere Capital and ESL Gaming, and it has created real potential for a well-run tournament in 2021. This partnership has so far been awarded the rights to run the tournament for the next three years from Riot Games, so they can at least plan for the future.

It seems that the league has been formed after some collaboration between eight different Esports organizations in the area, which shows the degree of work that has already been put into its development. Also, it comes as a direct response to the news from Riot Games earlier in 2020 where they revealed they were scrapping the Pro League for Oceania. It appears that this partnership felt that was the wrong move leading to them taking up the mantle themselves.

Eight Teams Participating

So, what do we know about the league? Well, it’s going to involve eight teams in 2021, but there will always be the option to expand this should the first year prove to be a success.

The partnership does feel that they have the ability to be innovative and creative with their approach to the league. Their aim is to turn this new league into a model for others around the world free from various constraints that would have been placed upon them by Riot Games. Details on what they mean by all of this will be revealed early in 2021.

This new league will be welcome news for a number of teams in the area including the likes of Legacy Esports who previously performed well in other leagues. Indeed, that team was left feeling in some kind of limbo after Riot Games scrapped the previous league, so the return has given a significant boost to the huge number of impressive teams and players located in Oceania.

This is exciting news, and the next press release will provide additional details on what we can expect when the league does indeed launch in 2021. Prize money, how the format will play out, and a whole lot more will be revealed allowing us to better anticipate what 2021 will be like for League of Legends players.