New Training Platform for Esports Gamers?

What separates esports from other sports?


Believe it or not, that is one of the biggest reasons for esports success today and could even help it turn into the next sports juggernaut down the lien Think about it! Video games are so engrained in our culture at this point that they are almost everywhere. You see them on television, at your friend’s house and at various stores inviting you to try a demo. This is what makes video games, and ultimately esports so accessible to the average consumer.

According to, esports will have an audience of just under 500 million dollars at the end of the year and you can probably imagine at least a sizable portion of them becoming players themselves. The report also claims that the esports industry stands to make around 100 billion this year and has a 10% projected growth rate. This means that the esports industry will become even more accessible as time goes on.

Advanceclub teams up with Bugha for new training platform

Advanceclub, who teamed up with Esports player, “Bugha,” is looking to make esports even more accessible by announcing a digital platform aimed at helping potential Esports players excel. The site even claims that potential players will be paired up with pros in order to help them take their game to that next level.

Their one-of-a-kind program is said to consist of three pillars that will make the practitioner a better esports player. It all starts with the learning pillar, which contains documentary style videos on the ins and outs of competing in esports. The website even has specific programs that allow them to learn from pros that are competing in leagues right now!

One of kind content for those wanting to get ahead

For example, in Budgha’s program, players learn his tips, tricks, techniques and overall strategy when it comes to playing Fornite. Keep in mind that this is content that is unavailable anywhere else on the internet and is very valuable for those looking to break into esports. . Once you are done with the video portion of the program, you then get to move on to training with a real-life coach!

“My Advance Class was created so I could give back to my loyal fans and the Fortnite community,” professional Fornite player, Bugha, said during the press release for Advanceclub “Every day on stream I’m asked for advice on things like how to prepare, how to improve and how to manage different in-game situations. I’ve partnered with AdvanceClub to create my personal Advance Class as a way to answer all of these questions and make it simple to watch all in one location.”

Learn from vetted coaches.

Fastforward to training and Advanceclub touts a vetted roster of coaches that will work with you one to reinforce what you learned in the previous section. They even have the capabilities of bringing up VOD matches and reviewing your performance. Finally, Advanceclub has a slew of tournaments for various amounts of prize money, so you can bring what you learned to the game and use it in real world situations.

As if that wasn’t enough, Advanceclub also has programs for those that are just getting into esports and want to learn more about it. These programs are for those looking to up their game in online play, in tournaments or just among their friends. Any skill level is welcomed, and it could end up being a unique experience.

If nothing else, you could literally go from picking up Fortnite for the first time, to becoming a lifelong fan and playing in leagues. It might take some practice, a lot of hard work and team selection, but you could eventually go on to compete in leagues. Sure, the odds are probably against a lot of people making it all the way to top tier leagues, but a lot of people could stand to up their game a little bit.

The future of esports training?

In fact, now that platforms like Advanceclub is coming out, you can imagine that more and more of these sites will pop up across the world. Not only will this result in a lot more revenue for the esports gaming industry, it will also help allow a whole new generation of players live their dream of being a video gaming athlete.

In the end, it’s just so exciting to see the world of esports move on in this kind of way. It also opens the door to esports becoming a legitimate career for the right group of people, which is a huge step in the right direction.