Overwatch: 2020 Gauntlet Set to Kick-Off

This competition was introduced in 2019 by Overwatch Contenders where the best teams in each region will come to compete in a Korea-based tournament. In the end, we will find out who the best tier-two team is across the world. With 2020, being a slow year mainly because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Overwatch Contenders are still hoping to finish this year strong. There is a new dimension to the second edition of this competition to accommodate the safety regulations globally.

Last year’s tournament saw Element Mystic take home the title. This time, the competition will feature online in four different regions with each region having their champion. The tournaments will begin across Asia, South America, Europe, and North America at the end of November and will run through the better part of December. Regardless of the happening globally, fans will have something to look forward to as the year draws to a close.

Across all four regions, a total of 42 teams will compete in the 2020 Gauntlet. Asia will get the highest prize pool of $175k. Europe and North America will both a prize pool of $100k while South America will have one of $75k.

There is a lot of difference from last year’s tournament but having a tournament at all this year is a feat that should be applauded. As preparations are starting for 2021, Overwatch players have one last chance to leave a mark on 2020 and all that it came with.

Below are the details for all the regions.


Asia will have 10 teams participate in this competition: 4 from China, another 4 from Korea, 1 from the Pacific, and 1 from Australia. Australia will qualify their Season 2 champion while China will qualify top-performing teams from Season 2. Korea will hold an Open Bracket Qualifier to get two teams while the top two teams from Season 2 playoffs will complete the slot. Pacific will send in the winner of the ACE Championship.

The tournament in Asia will start on the 10th of December with group stage fixtures that will end on the 13th. The next weekend will host the knockout stage with 6 teams. The Grand Finals in this region will be a first-to-four match format.

North America and Europe

Each region here has the same timeline and mode of operation. Both regions will have 12 teams each compete for the prize of $100k available per region. There will be an Open Bracket Qualification that will take place over two weekends in a bid to find the top four teams in each region that will feature in The Gauntlet. The remaining 8 will come from the November Contenders Tournament.

The tournament is slated to start on the 28th of November with the Open Bracket Qualifiers while the knockout stage will hold on the 10th – 19th of December. Every match will be a first-to-three format except the Grand Final which will be first-to-four.

North America’s runner up and champions will face Europe’s runner up and champions in a showmatch that will hold on the 20th – a day after the Grand Finals.

South America

Here will feature the least amount of teams in the competition – 8. 4 teams will be chosen from the Open Bracket Qualifiers while the remaining positions will be filled by the top four teams from the Contenders South America Season 2 playoffs. December 4th – 6th will accommodate the group stage while the knockout stage will run from the 11th – 13th. Group stage matches will follow the first-to-three format while the knockout stage with 6 teams will follow the first-to-four format.