Overwatch League: Los Angeles Gladiators Appoints Brenda Suh As the New General Manager

Brenda Suh is the newly promoted Los Angeles Gladiators’ general manager for the oncoming Overwatch League season 2021, set to begin in April. The free agency period officially began on October 24. Suh has robust experience in serving esports teams at top leadership positions. Recently, she headed the Gladiators and their Call of Duty counterparts as the director of operations.

However, it is essential to note that Suh took on additional duties at Kroenke Sports and Entertainment as she didn’t relinquish her position at Guerrillas as the head of operations. Suh takes over from David “dpei” Pei, who now moves to focus on the head coach’s job.

This move will probably see the Gladiator’s improving from their position in the just-concluded season 2020. Gladiators managed a ninth place in the league, a dismal performance from their usual top-five. They finished at an 11-10 record.

Gladiators’ Roaster Changes Ahead of the 2021 Overwatch League Season

Evidently, the Gladiators aren’t looking forward to a depressing 2021 season like they did in 2020. Just at the end of the previous season, the management made several roaster changes that saw the dismissal of the assistant and strategic coaches James Frye and Rohit Nathani, respectively. The team also bid farewell to their famous finishing duo, Benjamin Isohanni, and Jonas Suovaara. Remember, no one predicted the pair to be part of Gladiator’s clean-up exercise as they are the longest playing members.

With the most consistent performing players gone, Gladiators is expected to make a series of new signings in the coming months. Other players that were cut from the lineup, rendering their positions free, include Jason White, Roni Tiihonen, Aaron Kim, and Son. The incoming General manager had previous career success with the Guangzhou Charge. Therefore, she will likely bring in several technical changes that will see the Gladiators restoring their lost glory.

Will Gladiators Consider Recalling Released Past Players?

At the beginning of Overwatch League Season 2020, the Gladiators recalled Aaron Kim, popularly known as Bischu, after his unceremonious step down in late 2019. Bischu advanced his career and even went ahead to play for the then Brenda Suh’s Guangzhou Charge. Brenda Suh served the team in a competitive manager’s capacity, meaning Bischu has her approval as a top-performing player. However, even if she decides to recall Bischu, it will be unfortunate as the latter is hunting for a coaching or management role.

Bischu is a veteran Overwatch player who crossed from the League of Legends professional gaming to dominate this other side. However, fand will remember that he never played much of Gladiators’ 2020 season matches as hero pool selections, and the meta didn’t favor him frequently. It will definitely take time before he lands a serious coaching job at any leading team in the league.

As the last quarter winds up, everyone’s eyes are at the beginning of summer, when the season kicks off. Overwatch is already snowballing across the mainstream, which will definitely mark a spirited competition in the 2021 season. Will the Los Angeles Gladiators reclaim their lost glory? Will Brenda Suh put in enough work just like she did at the Guangzhou Charge? Well, 2021 is just around the corner.