PandaScore launches AI-powered esports odds for in-play bookmakers

This week, PandaScore have officially announced the launch of their esports odds product for bookmakers worldwide.

Already used by professional esports team, media companies and some select esports bookmakers, their AI-powered data is already starting to spread across the globe.

With this solid foundation and recognition in esports data, PandaScore is now launching a dedicated solution for bookmakers. With a focus on live, in-play betting market data, bookmakers can finally offer the live betting experience that esports fans have been waiting for.

Thanks to recent advances in PandaScore’s AI-powered data collection and odds modelling platform it is now fast enough to offer live betting. This advancement will allegedly be able to hit 100’s of data points per-second, keeping market closures to a minimum and increasing market offerings by over 500%.

Esports bettors and fans alike have an engrained expectation of quality in the live experience. With so much investment now put into streaming platforms and productions, the betting experience is currently playing catch up.

“Esports is the next big thing in entertainment. We believe esports betting is already big but untapped by most bookmakers,” said Flavien Guillocheau, CEO of PandaScore. “We are here to make it easy to have a world-class offering on day one. If you want to reach esports fans you need to work with esports specialists that understand esports competitions, data, and odds. We’re ready to help you speed ahead of the competition.”

Today most esports odds providers use manual data collection & trading methods, meaning that in-play betting in esports is either inconsistent, unavailable, or experiencing a huge amount of downtime. How many times have you tried to place a CS:GO Match Winner bet, only to see the market close as you’re about to place it, with it opening again 10 seconds later. Rinse and repeat and it’s quite a frustrating experience.

The proprietary AI collects data from video sources and transforms it into odds in a fraction of a second. The approach combines technology with an expert esports trading team monitoring odds and automating settlements.

Currently in-play odds are available for League of Legends, Dota 2, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch, Rocket League in the market, and we’re told to expect 2-3 more esports released in the coming months.