PashaBiceps returns to competitive CS:GO

Jarosław “pashaBiceps” Jarząbkowski, named after his legendary upper-body muscles, has been a fan favourite in the CS:GO scene for a long time, with his comedic personality and fantastic stage presence. He isn’t the best player, but he is still a solid part of any team he’s been a member of. Until recently he was a member of the well known organisation, Virtus Pro.

We havn’t seen PashaBiceps play in 2019 until just last week, after stepping away from Russion team Virtus Pro after 5 years of CS:GO in February. The legendary player has joined a team called “Youngsters”; a group of passionate Polish players, currently unrepresentative of an organisation.

Whilst playing with Virtus Pro, Jarosław won a number of big tournaments, including EMS One Katowice Major in March 2014, ELEAGUE season one in July 2016 and DreamHack Masters Las Vegas in February 2017.

The announcement came in a somewhat cryptic announcement from the muscle-bound Jarosław in a tweet before his first professional game with the new team.

PashaBiceps’ debut match with Youngsters was against a team called Epsilon in an online league called UCC Summer Smash. Although playing well throughout, PashaBiceps couldn’t carry the Polish team, claiming 40 kills and 36 deaths in their BO3, but losing 2-0.

Following this game, Youngsters went up against Vega Squadron. This time they managed to take a map on Mirage, but struggled to keep momentum and lost out 2-1. Again, PashaBiceps performed well with teammates but they were unable to close out the match.

Regardless of PashaBiceps recent win rate with Youngsters, we love seeing him back on the big screen and wish him all the best for the rest of the UCC tournament!