Premio Esports Announces Sponsors for their Annual Event in Brazil

Premio Esports, the host of an annual event in Brazil with the aim to commemorate the most conspicuous industry figures in the country, has named Lenovo, a computer firm, and Fusion, an energy drink firm, as the official sponsors for this year’s edition of the annual event which is often termed the biggest in South America. They join the telecommunications giant, Oi, as official sponsors of the event for this year.

Hence, the upcoming edition of Premio Esports in Brazil, kicking off on the 8th of December, will have both Lenovo and Fusion as sponsors. However, for the second year running, despite the fact that the financial side of the deal was not revealed to the media, we all expect a great deal was reached owing to the fore mentioned partnership.

Interestingly, the sponsorship right does not lie unilaterally with Lenovo and Fusion as they will be expected to join a prominent Brazilian telecommunication company, Oi, as the supporters of this year’s award ceremony, which is expected to air Live on SporTV 3, with sport and esports investment group Go4it and a foremost Brazilian telecommunication firm, Globo as the organizers of the event.

Premio Esports, created in 2017, is recognized as the biggest esports award ceremony not just only in Brazil, where it is hosted annually, but the whole of Latin America. However, the only drawback for this year’s edition is the fact that it will be for the first time hosted in Globo’s Sao Paulo studio with the presence of an audience due to the Covid-19 pandemic that has disrupted major events around the world.

But the good news here is that unlike most events and award ceremonies that have been pushed forward or ultimately canceled, Premio Esports will hold this year in spite of the pandemic that has put many similar activities on hold or has disrupted it entirely.

Lenevo and Fusion to Improve Brand Image in Latin America via Premio Esports Brazil 2020

Lenovo may be a computer giant, but they are not new to the esports world and have always done a lot to promote its legion of gaming hardware. The computer firm has in the past partnered with esports gaming giants, and this recent partnership is expected to further their grip on the production of gaming hardware.

Lenovo expects to sell more of their products in this region, hence this partnership for a second consecutive year, thus enabling them to reach out to the whole of Latin America via Brazil.

Although Fusion is an energy drink company, this partnership is expected to improve its brand image in Latin America. Remarkably, since the last edition of Premio Esports, Fusion has garnered more popularity and will like to consolidate on the gains of the past edition.

Premio Esports Brazil 2020 Promises to be a Thrill

Interestingly, according to reports in the media, this year’s edition of Premio Esports Brazil 2020 is expected to be an ultimate exhibition of a fantastic celebration of Brazil’s most renowned figure in the industry. However, even though this year’s award will be online due to the pandemic crisis that has so far ravaged the world, we all still anticipate a great event while hoping to see this Latin American nation acknowledge those figures pushing the industry to its peak.

Furthermore, the 8th of December 2020 is expected to be a glorious day in Brazil for esports lovers and followers in the region as many figures in the industry will seek to emerge the winners in different categories of awards they were nominated for.

We do not don’t expect this partnership to end anytime soon because if after the first edition they all saw reasons to team up together and host this year’s event either as sponsors or as organizers, then there must be something unique about their partnership.