Chicago Huntsmen welcome Prestinni to their roster

Prestinni Officially Joins The Chicago Huntsmen

The brothers are back! Prestinni joins his brother Arcitys on the Chicago Huntsmen!

After a week of speculation, it has been confirmed that Prestinni has joined his brother Arcitys on the Chicago Huntsmen! He will be replacing Gunless. The twins won the World Championship last year under the team eUnited, and will return to action this weekend at the Seattle Home Series. The Florida Mutineers announced on twitter that Prestinni would be moving to another team, when a few minutes later the Chicago Huntsmen confirmed that they were the new destination for Prestinni.

Chicago Huntsmen’s CEO Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez wished Gunless the best with his future and finding a new team. He said that he appreciates him and “sometimes things just don’t work out”. This tweet implies that possibly Florida were unwilling to take Gunless in a trade scenario. And leads us to believe that Gunless will not be returning to the Chicago Huntsmen’s starting roster anytime soon.

This move means the Chicago Huntsmen roster will now consist of Scump, Formal, Envoy, Arcitys and Prestinni. If that’s not a championship winning roster, we’re not sure what is! The Huntsmen return to action this friday as they take on Paris Legion in game one of the Seattle Surge Home Series. Will this fix the Huntsmen’s recent woes? It won’t be long until we find out!