Puntt launches world’s first esports player betting site with UK license

Puntt is the world’s first esports player betting site and launches in the UK today with betting pools on CS:GO in time for the ESL Pro League, one of the biggest online CS:GO tournaments in the world. This will be followed by Dota2 and other major titles later in 2020.

UK customers over 18 years old are now able to bet on CS:GO players, not just teams, for the first time in history. Innovative new markets are now available, including most kills. Puntt will offer leading odds on all tournaments in the CS:GO Major Championships

Serving a unique product for aspirational, future-thinking customers, Puntt’s pool betting product has been two years in the making. It has been built on a UK licensed proprietary platform and was built specifically to offer esports fans a fair, dynamic and well-regulated betting experience, as can be seen in the launch videos on Puntt’s YouTube channel.

As a pool betting platform, Puntt enables customers to bet against each other rather than taking odds set by a bookmaker. This is known as a Betting Exchange, meaning that punters stake against each other and can get generous odds in doing so. Puntt has been specifically designed to benefit esports and the esports community in the long term and was built on the following principles: –

  • To provide engaging product that is not available else where
  • Treat all customers fairly and equally
  • Be well regulated and responsible at all times
  • To support charity and esports

At Puntt, the team firmly believes in fair play. They have designed our business from the ground up with this ethos in mind:-

  • We won’t limit or exclude customers when they win
  • We will encourage our customer to behave responsibly and do our best to protect them from problem gambling
  • We have committed to donate a percentage of our turnover (our breakage) to charity

Speaking about the platform launch, Phill Adams, CEO at Puntt said:

“Puntt has been built to fill a glaring gap in the esports betting space – offering a fair and exciting betting product through which you back individual players as opposed to betting fixed odds on teams alone. After 18 months work to bring Puntt to market, and despite the current difficult circumstances, we’re incredibly excited, that we will be launching in the UK during the ESL Pro League – Season 11. For Puntt, this is just the start, with more player betting markets and more esports to be introduced over the coming months”

We’re excited to see the concept get put to the test and hopefully grow over the coming months. Once we have more information on the platform we’ll be updating our betting sites section with an in-depth review of the Puntt platform so keep your eyes peeled for it.