Raven and Footpatrol Launch Exclusive Call of Duty League Team Collections

Raven and Footpatrol Launch Exclusive Call of Duty League Team Collections

Esports apparel brand Raven and Footpatrol will be launching exclusive merchandise collections for four Call of Duty League teams.

Esports apparel brand Raven has been outfitting teams throughout the industry, and they are now partnering with Footpatrol to take their collections to the next level. Footpatrol is a London sneaker store that residents and visitors to the city frequent.

The two companies will be launching exclusive merchandise collections for four Call of Duty League teams, including the LA Thieves, London Royal Ravens, OpTic Chicago, and the Atlanta FaZe.

Esports merchandise has become very popular since the COVID-19 pandemic because the leagues have been catapulted to the forefront of sportsbooks.

Details on the Raven x Footpatrol Pop-up

The unique collection will be exclusively sold at a retail pop-up shop in Soho, London, on July 10, 2021.

Three of the teams in the group are based in the United States. Although, the Raven x Footpatrol collection is only for UK fans of the Call of Duty League.

Even though Footpatrol focuses on shoes, the esports collection will only include apparel. The store is a way to bring the esports community together in London after months of uncertainty during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The pop-up store will be more than a place where people can buy esports merchandise modeled after their favorite teams. Astro Gaming and Scuf Gaming will be on site. Additionally, there will be multiple meet and greet sessions with players on the London Royal Ravens.

Liam ‘Jukeyz’ Lunt and Angelika ‘Angelika’ Slon will headline the event as members of the Royal Ravens. The pop-up shop will only last one day.

Designers modeled the clothing after each team’s history and included elements of their regions. They wanted every piece in the eight-unit collection to be unique, so this took a lot of effort from the creative teams involved.

Adam Cooper, the Creative Director of Raven, spoke about the designs recently. His excitement was apparent for the collection:

“We wanted to make sure every item offered something different to what can already be purchased. It was a joy to collaborate with Footpatrol and get lost in the collections on detailed construction, all the way from the contrasting sherpa knit and polyester to the debossed coach jacket aglets. We’re incredibly proud to be leading the way for CDL merch in Europe and are very excited to see where the long-term partnership will take us.”

Esports fans are going to love the collection. Even though it’s only available in London, people will likely resell their merchandise online to fans throughout the world.

The Mindset Behind Each Collection

Raven and Footpatrol put a lot of thought into the merchandise collection for each team. The LA Thieves is owned by Drake and Scooter Braun. The company wanted to enhance the team’s already superior merchandise.

The Thieves are known for having some of the best apparel in the Call of Duty League. Raven wanted to add a new chapter to the Thieves without forgetting about their current brand. They stayed away from graphic logos and went simple on the apparel to emphasize the Thieves brand.

The Atlanta FaZe have a rich history in esports, and they have collaborated with major sports franchises like Manchester City of the Premier League. Additionally, their apparel has elements of camouflage which is signature to the FaZe.

Designers for the OpTic Chicago collection dove into the roots of the city to craft a great collection. They also hinted at Chicago’s history in Call of Duty through subtle elements through the bomber jacket and graphic tee.

The London Royal Ravens will likely be the most demanded collection at the pop-up shop. The team was born in the UK, so they wanted to connect to people throughout the country. They used rich red colors and fancy fonts to finish off the collection.