Recapping VCT Americas Kickoff

The VCT Americas Kickoff has been taking place over the last few weeks, and the action has officially wrapped up. Teams were fighting for a chance to get to the Masters Madrid, and the top two teams in this competition were able to punch their tickets. 

After some terrific action, the final matchup of the event was set to feature LOUD vs Sentinels, and both teams were wanting the top seed before heading to Madrid. As expected, it was a terrific matchup, although it didn’t play out as many had predicted that it would. 

A Rematch In Title Match

The groups for the VCT Americas Kickoff were randomly selected, and they didn’t appear to be very even when the teams were announced. Both LOUD and Sentinels were drawn into Group B, and that was quickly dubbed the “Group of Death.”

It was not a surprise to see these two teams in the final matchup of this event, but it wasn’t easy for these teams to get here. LOUD was able to get past an Evil Geniuses team in order to reach the finale and ensure that they were heading to Madrid. 

Team Sentinels is a team that has come up short in recent years, but things felt different for this team right away. The dream run for Sentinels nearly ended in the semifinals as they had to force a third map against NRG before coming out on top. 

This finals match was streamed on both Twitch and YouTube and it had a massive crowd as expected. Unlike the rest of the matches in this event, three maps are needed to be won as it was set up as a best-of-five event. 

A Fast Start For Sentinels

It appeared as if LOUD was coming into this match with more momentum, but it didn’t take long for things to shift in a major way. The Sentinels team appeared determined to earn the top seed heading to Madrid, and they wasted little time in showing it.

Sunset and Split were the first two maps that were played in this final contest, and it didn’t appear as if LOUD was ever able to settle in. It wasn’t the most dominant performance from the Sentinels, but they were able to come up with a win in each of the first two maps.

The fans that were tuned into the stream were enthralled with how easy the Sentinels were making things look, and it was up to LOUD in order to get things back on track. Icebox was the third map of this final event, and that is where LOUD was able to climb back into things. 

It was a comeback win for LOUD at the Icebox map that had many thinking that things were changing, and that continued into the next map. 

Sentinels Finish it Off

This matchup would end up going to all five maps, and this is the kind of action that people were hoping to see when tuning in to the live stream. LOUD was able to pick up a 13:8 win at the Bind map and that set the stage for a massive showdown in the final map. 

Everyone was anxious to see which team would come out on top at the Lotus map, but it didn’t take long before the Sentinels took command. By the time the final map was finished, it was more of a coronation than a battle as the Sentinels came away with a 13:4 victory. 

Both teams will now turn their attention to Madrid, and there could end up being another matchup between the two teams at that event.