Riot Games Korea Reveals Support Program

Riot Games Korea has finally revealed some details for its Valorant esports team support program. Their aim is to provide some kind of financial and structural support to teams based in the area in order to alleviate some of the stress associated with it all.

Eight Teams Gaining Support

A total of eight different teams will be given support, but they need to pass various checks before they qualify. In fact, Riot Games have set up a strict screening process meaning the eight best teams that will benefit from this support will actually be able to get it.

The eight teams will stand to be able to claim a total of $45k on three occasions throughout 2021. However, they need to continue to meet the criteria to continue to qualify for each batch of cash.

The Qualifying Criteria

So, what does a team need to do in order to qualify? Well, according to their website, there are several steps.

First, the team needs to have advanced to the Challengers Finals on at least one occasion per stage. Next, they need to have created something that resembles a camp environment. A contract must also be signed between at least five players and one member of staff.

A minimum of $450 must be paid out to each player per game, and the same goes for staff. This is designed to make sure that the money is spread evenly and that nobody in the team misses out. Considering the size of the money that can be handed out at the start of three different stages, that does seem like a small amount of money.

At least 50% of any prize money must be paid back out to the players rather than being pooled for any other reason. Once again, the intention here is to make sure that the players feel they can earn a living from it all.

Finally, the team must have social media channels in place. This is either via a Twitch or a YouTube channel, but they must be in operation for the very purpose of opening up the team to a wider audience.

Support Makes it Easier

Due to the high level of competition, it can be tough for various teams to make the breakthrough and establish themselves on the circuits. It pushes some players away from taking part due to the lack of financial support, so the news that Riot Games Korea is seeking to remove this problem will be welcomed by many.

The fact they insist on a camp environment being place as a qualifying criteria is also a good move. This will only help raise the quality of those teams that would have been struggling up until this point.

News on who qualifies for this help will only be known in the new year, and you do need to be participating in the Korean region and leagues in order to take part. Also, the qualifying application is in Korean, so if you felt that this was going to be something your team wanted to participate in, then that may not be possible.