Rivalry Announces VIP Bonus Scheme

Like any competitive sport, whether you are spectating or performing, the joy lies in the potential to win, the excitement and unpredictability of how each match will unfold. Similar to other competitive betting sites, Rivalry provides you with the ability to place and monitor your bets but additionally includes added extras along the way to keep you in the game!

With their wide range of markets and friendly esports tips and advice, the site guides you through the world of Esports betting whilst leaving the potential of how extensively you commit in the hands of you, the user. All it takes to become a VIP member and embark onto the first level of bonus challenges is a touch of beginners luck and a minimum deposit of $10. With that you are on your way to unleashing a contemporary, interactive and beneficial betting journey.

What is the Rivalry VIP Scheme?

Last month our friends over at Rivalry announced their brand new VIP scheme. By completing the challenges that increase gradually in difficulty you can now start earning bonus rewards, ranging from $5 to $50, just by betting on esports markets as you you would normally. It’s essentially money for free! And even better, this scheme is open to all new and existing members and is available right now.

To understand more about each level works the rules are made comfortable and easily accessible from the word go. Each level consists of a number of individual tasks for you to complete in order to move up the ranks, for example, ‘Place 5 single bets.’ being one of 6 required tasks designed to help you progress your way to Level 2, unlocking even more exciting and lucrative bonuses. By completing all or most of these challenges per level, you can then gain further benefits and acquire more money into your account.

Unlike other esports betting competitors, Rivalry welcomes all betting customers to enjoy a vast amount of bonuses, regardless of when or how much you decide to play with, without any restriction on your winnings. By completing the outlined missions across each level section, you are, in a sense, already winning.

What makes Rivalry so unique is the fun and creative challenges involved, that are not only designed to test and impress you and your ‘rivals’ but to spark that competitive nature in a fun and distinctive way.

How to join the Rivalry VIP Scheme

If you already have a Rivalry account then you are comfortably enrolled onto the VIP programme instantly; you do not need to lift a finger.

Not got an account yet? No problem! Rivalry is quick and easy to join. Atop the home page there is a dedicated sign up system that allows you to become a VIP member and begin enjoying everything there is to offer at the click of a button. As with all things, we recommend you read their guidelines and our past reviews of the platform for your own ease and understanding.

A top tip for all newcomers: When setting up an account through our Sickodds referral you’ll additionally receive a $1.50 bet, ready and waiting for you in your account, so you can start your VIP journey straight away, again at no cost to you.

What esports markets can I spend my bonuses on?

With your VIP membership you’ll be able to spend your free esports bonuses betting on both massive esports titles like Counter Strike, DOTA 2 and League of Legends, but also some of the smaller emerging markets including Overwatch and Call of Duty.

The goals available match these esports perfectly, allowing for safe bets to be made in the early levels, with later levels (with bigger bonuses!) requiring some spicier bets. One of our favourite betting goals in the VIP scheme is to “Win 5 Consecutive Bets on Underdogs”, helping fans to support the smaller teams whilst also getting our hearts racing!

A little bit about Rivalry

Founded in 2017 with licensing from the Isle of Man, Rivalry.gg is a passionate esports focussed betting start-up that, although only covering a smaller range of gaming markets, have solidified its place as a knowledgeable and respected esports betting provider. Providing a consistent flow of informative news articles and tips, as well as a range of free, extensive introductory guides to betting on esports, Rivalry has become a valuable esports resource above and beyond just betting.

If you want to find out more about the Rivalry esports betting platform then be sure to read our in-depth review!