Ryu Je-Hong Is Back To Overwatch! Could This Be a Sign Of Hope?

With more than 200 players and 20 possible teams in the coming 2021 season for Overwatch, the whole world has its eyes on Ryu Je-Hong on whether he’ll make a successful debut. Ryu Je-Hong cast a spotlight on himself via his latest social media post as he seeks to rejuvenate his career that dates back to almost a decade ago. The 29-year old legendary winner suggests that he is currently a free agent and is looking for a new team that will help him bounce back to glory. This is the grad return of the once, and future king of Overwatch.

The Best Overwatch Player in 2017

Ryu Je-Hong’s track record and resume are unparalleled and he is undeniably the best Overwatch player the world ever witnessed back in 2017. His nomination for the Esports Player of the Year came after he hardly played for a year on the global stage. Ryu Je-Hong represented and led South Korea in the Overwatch World Cup Champions both in 2016 and 2017. In 2017, he rubber-stamped his 2016 dominance and prowess, retaining his title.

The world recalls Ryu Je-Hong with his signature Ana play and startle flexibility that unlocked the nigh difficulties of Overwatch that many players couldn’t achieve.

Ryu Je-Hong Returns to an Evolved Game

While Ryu Je-Hong has a colorful career, full of trophies, he is returning to a game that has completely evolved to a far match better or worse position than he left. Typically, Esports’ careers don’t last for many years as the millennial generation of talents keeps rising. Even though he helped build Overwatch, Ryu Je-Hong might face challenges adjusting as his peers are either far beyond or out of the game.

There is a new set of players with quick rising ranks and cores to peddle narratives on. Ryu Je-Hong is a veteran who currently has no status to live on, despite the old fame. After all, the king is back in Seoul. Could he build and possibly dominate another Kingdom as before?

How is Je-Hong’s Mental Health?

Ryu Je-Hong shocked the entire world after admitting that he was “mentally tired”, which loosely translates to depression. However, he alludes that his recovery is complete and teams should be prepared for him anytime. Research shows that about 35% of professional elite athletes battle mental deterioration which manifests in the form of depression, stress, burnout, or anxiety.

Ryu Je-Hong is looking forward to flipping his 2019 disappointing end and 2020 failed start. According to his social media posts, he looks forward to emulating his role model, Lee “NaDa” Yoon. Lee “NaDa” Yoon is a Starcraft legend whose dominance was unwavering between the years 2002 and 2009. Ryu Je-Hong is hopeful that having spent his childhood watching Lee “NaDa” Yoon; he can copy him and emerge victoriously. After all, this will not be the first time for Ryu Je-Hong to rise against the storm.

Will Ryu Je-Hong swim against the currents and dominate Overwatch in his return debut? Well, that is a question many are waiting for its answers. Anyone can get back to their proverbial horse and prevail against barriers, boundaries, and uncertainties. The last two years have been an endless whirlwind of confusion for Ryu Je-Hong, which he aims to change, maybe permanently this time.