Shanghai Dragon Releases Overwatch League’s Only Female Pro Geguri After Three Seasons

Again, Overwatch fans will have to endure a long winter without the top female player in action. For a long time, males dominated Overwatch until Geguri made her debut at the South Korean APEX tournament and Overwatch League in 2018.

Shanghai dragons released Geguri during the weekend, alongside four players. Other team members who left as free agents include Luffy, Diya, DDing and Diem. Geguri stayed with the Shanghai Dragon for three seasons, but the team was reluctant to renew her contract.

Did Shanghai Dragon Release Their Best?

All the five players released by the Chinese organization played an integral role in 2019, as they steered the team to an extraordinary comeback. The group rose to the 11th position after performing dismally in the first season, going 0-40. However, Geguri was still part of the earlier team that lost terribly.

Geguri and her fellow “outcasts” didn’t secure playing positions in 2020, as they were either benched or playing at the organization’s academy. While some fans think that the five bowed to competition pressure, they are more eager to play than ever. We have yet to see the kind of game they’ll bring to their next teams.

Geguri Makes a Remarkable History

Geguri is a strong lady who had to mark her top spot at the league amidst multiple cheating accusations. For instance, some male players on Reddit repeatedly accused her of aimbotting. When Overwatch dismissed the allegations, the players felt embarrassed and even quit the league. It proves that Geguri is a towering star, and most people can’t hang around her, just like Shanghai Dragons.

Nevertheless, Geguri is an off-tank who still stands as a big inspiration to many female players across the world. At 21, she still has the time and energy to make a miracle debut if she lands another enthusiastic Overwatch family. Geguri’s talent is rare; it shouldn’t take long before officials from rival teams spot her.

Geguri’s Notable Achievements in Overwatch

Geguri is an icon whose hard work and determination drove her to fame, greatness and eventually success. In her young career, she managed to attain the top Overwatch accolades a female player could. She weathered the stereotypes surrounding masculine gaming culture that dominates the industry to enter the Overwatch APEX scene at just 17 years old!

She is the first woman ever in history to be signed to an Overwatch APEX team and the entire league. In 2019, Geguri was vouched as a vibrant next-generation leader for fighting gender bias in gaming. Who wouldn’t be proud of such a rare gem?

What’s Next for Geguri?

No one knows what happens next to Geguri or her teammates, but its apparent none is going to retirement. With Overwatch League 2021 season set to begin late, teams are still looking for energetic and experienced players to add to their payrolls. The red and black jersey team isn’t the only one to ink a deal with, especially after they reportedly declined to renew her contract. Everyone is hoping that Geguri finds a new home soon to continue inspiring millions of female Overwatch fans.