Launches Betting Odds Comparison

We started out in gaming back in 1999. The days when Ultima Online and Everquest were the hottest things in town and when Counter-Strike was a hacked together Half-Life mod. Times when anything less than a 3 digit ping was rare and OP. We’ve followed and have been fans of games and competitive esports ever since, regularly attending big gaming festivals like the UK’s Insomnia series and DreamHack. But that’s enough with the nostalgia; where we are today is a combined effort of our work as designers, developers and marketeers who are passionate esports fans with a desire to move the industry forward. We’ve introduced as the place to go for the latest esports odds and biggest bonuses along with yet-to-be-released features coming soon.

On that note, the current website you see is our Alpha version. In the coming months we’ll be releasing several new features on our development road map, and have a goal to be the best resource for esports bettors in the industry by the end of next year.

We’re Hiring

If you’re excited by our mission and want to be involved, we’re always looking for content writers to help us out. If you’re infatuated with esports and have a knack for the written word then we’d love to hear from you. Email with an introduction and a few examples of you’re work and we’ll get back to you.