Skadoodle takes a break from competitive CSGO

One of the most iconic players in North America, Skadoodle, has decided to take a break from competitive Counter-Strike. The player has a Major victory to his name as well as multiple tournaments win. He has been a part of Cloud9 since 2015 and is a veteran in the North American Counter-Strike scene.

His decision to take a break from the competitive circuit is not entirely surprising. The player’s individual performance has seen a decline for the past few months and despite winning the ELeague Boston Major 2018, Skadoodle has shown a disinterest towards competitive Counter-Strike as of late. With Cloud9’s Major winning roster coming apart when Tarik and Stewie2k went over to MiBr, the roster needed a complete overhaul. Even today, the roster is not complete and we await more information about the team.

Skadoodle will continue playing for Cloud9 till the organisation is able to find another player for the roster. Once considered to be the best AWPer in the world Skadoodle has fallen off his peak substantially, but his contribution to the team stretches well beyond that of within the game. Skadoodle has tremendous experience and is a valuable asset to a CS:GO team in any capacity. With most of the ‘new Cloud9 members’ being exceptionally young in age, Skadoodle can still continue to help them as they develop their careers both as a coach and role model.

Below is a video that the organisation released in his memory. Skadoodle will forever be remembered as one of the legends in North American Counter-Strike. His contribution to the development of Cloud9 and the CS:GO esports scene as an individual is irreplaceable.


CS_Summit 3 Dates announced.

Esports tournament organisers, Beyond the Summit, have announced further details of their upcoming event CS_Summit 3. The tournament originally scheduled to be held in October will now take place from November 1-4th, 2018. The original dates had to be changed as the event clashed with the Starseries & I-Leauge Season 6. ENCE were the winners of the Starseries & I-League Season 6 taking home a cash prize of $125,000.


For now, the following eight teams will be a part of CS_Summit 3:

  • NRG
  • BIG
  • G2
  • Ghost
  • Heroic
  • Complexity
  • Optic Gaming
  • Kinguin