South Korea’s Element Mystic Takes a One-Year Hiatus From eSports

The eSports community just took a huge blow after South Korea’s sports organization Element Mystic announced its break from the coming 2021 season. The exit will affect several teams in the organization, including League of Legends (LoL), Overwatch, and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG).

Element Mystic is a powerhouse for elite eSports gaming, especially when it comes to Overwatch. Besides garnering the 2019 Gauntlet Overwatch Contenders title, they are also the toughest in the tier 2 scene.

A handful of professional Overwatch League players credit Element Mystic’s program that helped them hone their gaming skills, including the legendary Yeong-han Kim, popularly known as SP9RK1E.

Paris Eternal also boasts of elite contenders who spent their amateur days at Element Mystic. However, the team didn’t share its reasons for stepping aside nor their expected date of resumption.

Element Mystic Breaks the News in a Lengthy Twitter Post Written in Korean

The organization took to its official Twitter account to break the news in an emotional, lengthy post, which mainly paid appreciation to its loyal fans. Element Mystic was operational for three years, culminating in lots of memories that they share with fans. For instance, the post notes that the organization will never forget the day fans gifted them lunchboxes after winning Contenders.

Among the first people to comment, the organization’s Overwatch head coach Kwang-Bok Kim, popularly known as Coach815, hinted that his team would be going out for this years remaining matches. However, he will miss the elite squad as they prepare for trials to join other organizations and advance their careers. Coach815 will likely play with amateur players who aren’t eligible for the Overwatch League. Moreover, it was also revealed that all in house rosters are open for private talks that would yield to next-season signings.

Element Mystic’s Facts and Statistics

As noted earlier, Element Mystic is prevalent in three eSports games, including LoL, Overwatch and PUBG. Here are some quick facts, progress and statistics about their teams in those three games:

1. Overwatch

Element Mystic’s Overwatch team is the best performing of all three with steering roasters like Alpha, Undine, Takoyaki, and Hanbin. The team has participated in a total of 101 matches, with a 69% winning rate. Their record winning streak still stands at 9, as registered three years ago. They have earned a whopping $368,000 in the last three years.

2. League of Legends (LoL)

The organization’s LoL team ranks among the lowest in the region and beyond. Since the team’s creation, they have participated in 29 matches, with total earnings of $5,746. The team has no win or a losing streak record. Currently, they’ve lost five games in a row in their previous matches.

3. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

The PUBG team is also performing dismally, registering a 3% winning rate in at least the last 355 played matches. However, its roaster Make managed to get the Most valuable player (MVP) tag. The team has $23,000 in total earnings.

Evidently, there is only one team that is doing well in Element Mystic’s organization, Overwatch. Therefore, the hiatus seems like the best option for the organization to reevaluate its drawing board. We hope to see them in the 2022 season.