Team Envy Wins the North American RLCS X Winter Split Regional Championship

We have come to the end of another gripping Rocket League tournament in the North American RLCS X Regionals. This time, Team Envy came out victorious after a seven-game series with five overtimes. Team Envy faced off with NRG and was able to pull off a huge victory to win the first of three RLCS Winter Split Regionals. Pierre “Turbopolsa” Silfver is responsible for securing Team Envy the win as he scored the championship-sealing Game Seven goal for his team.

The Series

It was a nail-biting series in all as several North American teams competed fiercely to have a share of the $100 thousand prize pool. The event started on November 1 with twenty-four teams, but in the end, only the strongest prevailed.

It was a very close final that ended in favor of Team Envy (4-3). This victory has given the team more points and makes them the first team to two-time Regional Champion in the revamped RLCS X. On both the Winter Split and seasonal scoreboards, Team Envy has gone ahead of the closely contesting NRG, putting them amongst the front runners. Team Envy now has a 51-point lead in the North American leaderboard and a 101-point lead in the Winter Split. The victory secured them a take-home top prize of $30,000 while NRG was awarded $15,000.

Team Envy performed exceptionally throughout the event. They pushed their way through the upper bracket of the event while the same cannot be said for NRG. They fell into the lower bracket and had to struggle on the brink of elimination to secure a spot in the finals. Even with such below-par performance, they still proved to be a thorn in the flesh of Team Envy.

In the Upper Bracket, team Envy lost only four games in four series. They took down BoSF esports, Ghost Gaming, Rouge, and Pittsburgh Knights. For NRG, it was not so much smooth-sailing as they were thrown in the lower bracket after a defeat by Ghost Gaming. The next day, NRG was ready to play. Perhaps they got a morale booster after hearing of Pittsburgh Knights result, as they defeated Fall Split Champions, Spacestation Gaming the previous day.

NRG knocked out Version 1 on Sunday. The story went differently in what seemed to be a rematch with Ghost Gaming. They went ahead to defeat Pittsburgh Knights and Rogue to clinch a spot at the finals. NRG made short work of all those teams after their Saturday loss.

Team Envy secured an early lead in the series as they went 2-0 up after the first two games. A repeat performance was about to play out in the third game but NRG’s Justin “Justin” Morales stepped up. In under sixty seconds, he tied the game in regular time and forced Overtime, also scoring the winning goal to grant NRG its first win in the series. That was the turning point for the team as it became a very fierce battle for the title. For the next four games, NRG won three out of the four, all after overtime. The series was tied up at 3-3 going into game seven, which was to be the decider.

In Game Seven, it was a back and forth game, with the regular time ending in 3-3. All previous NRG’s win had come after overtime, which at the time was a good sign for the team. However, Envy was able to put an end to it and clinch the title. The winning goal was scored by Turbopolsa, against his former club.

After the tournament, Team Envy how holds 401 NA RLCS points ahead of the Winter Split. For the Rocket League Championship Series X, they have a total of 1602 points. The second North American Regional of the Winter Splits will start on the 3rd of December.