Team Finest Rebuild Their CS:GO Roster With Anarkez

Team Finest Rebuild Their CS:GO Roster With Anarkez

Israeli Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team Team Finest announced the signing of Guy "anarkez" Trachtman on Monday, July 12.

Israeli Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team Team Finest announced the signing of Guy “anarkez” Trachtman on Monday, July 12. The Israeli AWPer joins the team amid a complete roster rebuild.

Team Finest Start From Scratch

Team Finest first entered the competitive CS:GO esports scene in August 2019. Finest’s inaugural roster featured Lidan “lidaN” Boni, David Ben “kenzo” Yona, Guy “Nertz” Iluz, Shiran “shushan” Shushan, and his brother Shahar “flameZ” Shushan.

Finest struggled to achieve much in their first year, which led to roster changes that continued into 2020. The lack of success led to a complete roster rebuild in November 2020, when Finest formed a new international roster.

On November 24, Team Finest announced a new CS:GO roster, consisting of Tal “meztal” Hahiashvili, Guy “Nertz” Iluz, Kristjan “fejtZ” Allsaar, Maksim “t0rick” Zaikin, and shushan.

Once again, the organization struggled to keep their roster intact. Several roster changes followed in the first months of the year, culminating with a second roster rebuild in May.

Even that project, however, didn’t last for long.

At the start of July, Team Finest announced that they’re parting ways with Ivan “Rock1nG” Stratiev, Haakon “Radifaction” Tholo, and Thijs “rilax” Izaks. That reduced their roster size to only one player in Kristjan “fejtz” Allsaar.

Yet, the Israeli esports organization weren’t ready to give up on their CS:GO project and announced their third rebuilding process.

Joining fejtz on Team Finest’ CS:GO team is former Team Secret AWPer anarkez. He will serve as a pillar in the organization’s off-season overhaul.

Anarkez Finalizes His Contract With Team Finest

Anarkez began his esports career in 2017, when he joined a Swedish stack known as 77. He spent the next two years battling through the lower echelons of the CS:GO competitive scene until he got signed by Team Secret in November 2019.

With Team Secret, anarkez achieved reasonable success, helping the team peak at no.36 in the world rankings in October 2020. However, anarkez’s stint with Secret was rather short-lived.

Team Secret disbanded their roster in November 2020, leaving anarkez in search of a new home. He landed a spot at HellRaisers as a trial member in January 2021 but was cut from the team only a month later, when HellRaisers disbanded their lineup.

Since then, the Israeli AWPer had remained in limbo, playing for Team Finest and Lyngby Vikings as a stand-in player. However, it wasn’t until this Monday that anarkez decided to seal the deal with Finest and became a permanent member of the Israeli CS:GO team.

As revealed by Finest, anarkez will take over for shushan as the team’s AWPer. He will join forces with fejtz and coach Darko “solo” Mitić.

The team is in a full rebuilding mode as they form a new roster around the newest arrival. Although Team Finest have yet to reveal who they are planning on signing, two names are being mentioned to have found themselves on Finest’s shortlist.

Team Finest to Sign Two Polish Players

While nothing is set in stone yet, Finest are expected to acquire Piotr “morelz” Taterka and Tomasz “phr” Wójcik. The two Polish esports pros were previously teammates at and Illuminar Gaming, but have found themselves homeless in February 2021.

If the rumors prove to be accurate, Team Finest will hold the most competitive roster the organization has ever had. Morelz would join fejtz as a veteran figure, both boasting over eight years of experience in the CS:GO esports scene.

Phr, meanwhile, will hope he can recapture his form from late 2018/ early 2019 when he claimed silver medals at ESL Pro European Championship 2018 and the V4 Future Sports Festival – Budapest 2019. He also helped AGO claim $200,000 with a runner-up finish at the World Electronic Sports Games 2018.

It’s still unclear who will Team Finest sign as their fifth member to round up their roster. The organization have yet to commend on that, with more information said to be available in the coming weeks.