The End of the Pandemic Might Not Lead to an Esports Downturn

There has been an acknowledgement that the pandemic has led to a significant upsurge in numbers of people taking part in Esports. However, there were some fears that the end of the pandemic would result in those numbers dropping back substantially. Well, it appears those fears are perhaps a bit mislaid.

A Study Shows Something Different

A recent study carried out by the Esports Entry Advisory has indicated a downturn in numbers may not occur at all. In fact, it showed there will still be a huge demand for Esports related services, games and streams even beyond the point where we have to sit in a lockdown for a considerable period of time.

Instead, what we see in the studies is that the numbers of individuals interested in watching live Esports is still going to outstrip demand. However, there needs to be a caveat in place in that people still expect various restrictions and social distancing in place. It’s clear that safety first is still a priority.

The Facts of the Study

The study spoke to over 2000 Esports enthusiasts, and it turns out that 77% of them are desperate to get to a live Esports event. While that may not be too surprising, the key is that only 17% of respondents had ever been to an event before.

In other words, what we see is a huge increase in new followers who want to have the full experience at an event whenever that is possible. While it was anticipated newcomers would want to check out a live event, this high percentage was certainly not expected.

But the survey also had another side to it. You not only need people interested in live events. You also need locations willing to host them.

The Business and Events

The study also surveyed a number of businesses and arenas where Esports events could be held. A staggering 79% said they would be interested in hosting such an event as soon as restrictions are lifted. Once again, this may not sound like a surprise until you then realize only 40% had previously hosted this sort of event.

What this means is a clear understanding of the power of hosting Esports events within businesses and companies that are capable of staging such an event. Combine the two parts of the study together, and there is no mistake as to the rosy future of Esports.

We should also pay close attention to this study due to who organized it. The EEA specifically deals with the concept of hosting and organizing Esports events. They know what it takes to put on one of these events and how to market it. If they state things look bright for the future with less of a drop off in interest as initially predicted, then you can take that to the bank.

So, anybody involved in Esports needn’t worry about what happens when we get back to our normal lives. It turns out that Esports has both grown in size as well as strength throughout 2020. It bodes well for the future even if these improvements did come via some unfortunate circumstances.