Unikrn to announce “the most incredible betting products ever” this week

Unikrn, a Las Vegas-based betting platform, are one of the leading esports betting websites, with a vast range of esports titles and markets covered.

Late last year, they obtained their license from Isle of Man for cryptocurrency gambling on esports. This allow the company to offer legal gambling services to its users for competitive gaming, in addition to their existing licenses that provide the facilitation of real-money betting on esports in U.K. and Australia.

They’ve also introduced a number of bespoke features to their platform that give gamers the opportunity to earn UKG (Unikrn’s crypto token) that they can subsequently wager with. Although a number of esports-first betting websites offer crpytocurrency betting, Unikrn are the first esports focussed betting website to facilitate such a feature, and to have it so centrally engrained into their offering.

Rahul Sood, CEO of Unikrn Esports, teased on Twitter last week that they will be announcing the “most incredible betting products ever” across both Consensus 2019 in New York and ICE in Boston. Both of these events are synonymous with the sports betting world, and esports is becoming a bigger and bigger slice of the pie.

Although there have been no specifics released as of yet, in Rahul’s words it will “[cement] @UnikrnCo as the best esports & video games betting company on [the planet]“. With their history and track record, alongside the excessive hashtag hints, we’d imagine the platforms announced will be based around their blockchain play, UKG. Whether this will fall solely around esports betting at its core, or to support a wider offering is still unclear, however.

Rahul will be talking alongside Theo Goodman, Chief of Memetics, and Jez San, Founder of FunFair Technologies, in a panel discussing how crypto and token betting are looking to disrupt traditional betting markets.

We’ll be reporting on the announcements as the week continues, focussing on how Unikrn’s announcements will affect the esports betting industry and any new features you can sink your teeth into!