Valorant Esports Tournament Officially Announced

The news from Riot Games that there will be an official Valorant esports tournament for 2021 is certainly welcome news for anybody with an interest in this fledgling title. Of course, as the creator of League of Legends, it’s not as if Riot Games doesn’t have some experience in this field, so all bodes well for this brand-new tournament in 2021. But, what else do you know about it?

Here Comes the Tournament!

While details are still emerging regarding broadcast deals and pretty much everything else, we already know a lot about the tournament. According to Riot Games, it’s going to take on the same route as League of Legends. That means it’s working as a pyramid structure before moving onto the actual Masters stage of the tournament later in 2021.

Furthermore, the tournament is going to be global. Events are arranged across various continents from January 2021, and it’s all going to culminate in 16 teams being invited to the end of the year tournament where the champion is going to be crowned. This does mean that there will be teams from not only North America at the final tournament, but also Europe, Africa, South America and Asia as well. Basically, Riot Games is going all out to find the best of the best for their new game and tournament.

The Emergence of Valorant

Valorant has been setting the gaming world on fire since its release in April 2020. Viewed as being a cross between the tactical nature of games like CS:GO and Rainbow Six: Siege along with the style of League of Legends, Valorant has quickly built an impressive following on Twitch. At the time of launch, more than one million individuals were watching it on Twitch, and that is seriously impressive.

It’s believed that the tournament will be streamed on Twitch, and that makes a lot of sense. It’s going to be tough knowing who’ll be likely to come out on top considering the game is still in its infancy, so there’s no track record for us to go on with this.

All we know is that this Valorant tournament is going to be well-run, and it will surely bring together teams from all around the world. There’s every chance there will be a big cash prize on offer for the winning team, but we are going to have to wait just a bit longer to learn more about all those intricacies.