Verizon Teams Up With Epic Games to Celebrate the Super Bowl Fortnite Style

The covid-19 pandemic has slowed down a lot of activities for almost a year now. One of such activities that will be affected ok February is the famed Super Bowl. Social gatherings have been prohibited, hence, the atmosphere will not be as electrifying as it used to be. However, Verizon and Epic Games took the initiative to create an environment where fans can enjoy the action from the Super Bowl.

The partnership saw the creation of a digital stadium that will boost football-inspired games and host real football players and professional Fortnite players in several events. Players will find hidden surprises as they play and live stream these events. There are two broadcasts available for Fortnite fans, where they can watch the streams of events featuring NFL players and professional Fortnite players. One will be on February 2, while the other will be on February 5.

The initiative is a huge addition to Fortnite’s map and was made in Creative mode. It was created to have similar features as a real-life stadium. You will see features like a car park, tall buildings around the stadium, a lush patch of grasses, and a front park with a water fountain. The adaptation of a real-life stadium and its environs is so inspiring and thoughtful.

How to Experience The Super Bowl From Home

Having access to the Super Bowl that will hold in Tampa on February 7 is a long shot as there are limited tickets on sale. It is following the social distancing laws to avoid the spread of covid-19. However, Verizon has worked hard to make sure that fans still have an opportunity to experience the main event even without being in the stadium. Through the NFL mobile app, Verizon has made sure that fans can enjoy the experience through various angles or enjoy it with friends in the Yahoo Sports app.

Details on how these events will play out have not been stated clearly, but we are sure to watch NFL players and professional streamers participate. However, the participating players have stated that it will be amazing. It will not be as extravagant as what the Super Bowl is known for, but these brands are trying as much as possible to make sure the fans have an amazing experience.

Verizon has been very active during this covid-19 period as they went into partnerships to help out as many as possible. It also teamed up with Pokemon Go and has since donated about $10 million to corporations that were actively helping small businesses with financial support during this period. Their effort to support as many businesses as possible has been very positive.

We are yet to see how the first broadcast will go, which will give us an idea of what to expect from the February 5 stream. It is an inspiring and thoughtful gesture by Verizon and Epic Games. Even in these difficult times, both organizations are committed to bringing smiles to the faces of esports enthusiasts and NFL lovers. Fans can enjoy the Super Bowl, at least half as much as they would have if they were allowed into the stadium. You can enjoy the live stream through the NFL mobile app.