What’s Happening in Fortnite and Overwatch?

Fortnite contiutes features a variety of interesting news that excites users all over the world. For Fortnite fans, there is going to be a Princess Castle Creative competition for those that love Halloween. Contestants can make Princess Castle assets that are primarily judged based on aesthetics. The contest will continue until October 21. This contest is free for players to enter.

Fortnite Hosting Constant Competitions Amidst World Events?

Wildy Wednesday will also be available for users that have reached Open League Division 2 in Arena mode. This is available on a variety of platforms including Xbox and PlayStation. There are other Fortnite made by Epic Systems competitions upcoming including Paradox’s platinum cup. To enter, players must make it to the Contender league in Arena mode. This can be difficult even for the best users to reach. As users know, Fortnite has three different modes for players including Creative, Battle Royal, and Save the World. Luckily, Creative and Battle Royal are free to play for everyone.

The Gamers Club Cup Official Rules were released in September. These rules should give users the framework they need to be successful. It introduces a new scoring system and placement for participants as they compete. This can help let users know what is required for them during competitions.

Overwatch Is Hosting Many Grand Finals for Users to Watch.

The Grand Finals weekend is available on YouTube and it’s sure to be exciting for fans. Heroes are one of the most fascinating aspects of Overwatch that users adore and even idolize. Echo is a new featured hero is a robot that utilizes artificial intelligence. He was programmed and introduced by Mina Lia, and the hero’s abilities include Focusing Beam and Duplicate. This allows players to utilize him for a variety of roles in the games.

Similarly, Sigma has been introduced as a hero and has improved battlefield powers. His astrophysics background gives him gravity flux powers. The former scientist can utilize gravity for his benefit against opponents. His knowledge of the university gives him powers that are unparalleled by other heroes. He is a novel character even for overwatch fans to utilize.

The Philadelphia Fusion won the North American Playoffs with ease and will advance to the Grand Finals. They have a 24-2 win-loss record in the regular season. Overwatch is a team game and requires a team effort to win. For many teams competing well in the Grand Finals is their dream. Many teams look to establish themselves in the finals. However, the Shanghai Dragons remain a dominant team in the playoffs and have a 27-2 record in the regular season. The professional eSports team initially struggled in its first season. In the past three seasons, they have risen from being ranked 12th in their conference to first place. They remain one of the best overwatch esports teams.

On October 7th the Grand Finals will also feature Seoul Dynasty against the San Francisco Shock. On October 8th the Grand Finals will feature the Philadelphia Fusion versus Shanghai Dragons. Other match-ups will take place on October 9th and 10th.