Worlds 2019: Group A Breakdown

Attempting to keep up with every single team that is qualified for the Main Group Stage of Worlds 2019 can be quite difficult. With this article, we will be going over the teams that are in Group A, as well as their odds of winning it overall, and how they stack up against the others within their group.

Group A Breakdown

Cloud 9

The second seed out of the North American region, Cloud 9 have a historic record of performing abnormally well compared to the other North American teams that compete at Worlds.

They made their bid for Worlds as they have competed in both the 2019 Spring split finals, as well as the 2019 Summer split finals, qualifying through competition points. In both of their finals appearances, they fell to Team Liquid, the number one seed out of North America.

Although they are from one of the more major regions, they are still seen as quite weak in terms of overall competition and skill. As such, many have pegged them as major underdogs, with the odds at a fairly heavy 126:1 chance that they win it all. However, if there was a team to defy all odds from North America, Cloud 9 would be the one.

Hong Kong Attitude

Amidst some controversy as of late, Hong Kong Attitude come in with their heads held high after making their way out of the Play-In knockout stage after defeating Isurus Gaming 3-1. They come in as the third seed from the LMS, with only pride carrying them forth, as almost all analytics have placed them at a lower ranking.

Compared to the other teams competing, Hong Kong Attitude have a much larger mountain to climb. Many analysts have them marked as the second weakest team, and the odds reflect this as well, sitting them at 251:1 odds of winning the entire tournament outright. This seems adequate, considering the region they are coming from, as well as many of the players showing average at best performances.

G2 Esports

The winner of the Mid-Season invitational from 2019, G2 Esports are looking to continue their international success they’ve seen so far with a far run and win at Worlds 2019 as the first seed from Europe. Boasting a fairly stacked roster, they were easily able to make their way into the qualification after winning the LEC summer finals against Fnatic. They are also the region to ever send an entire team to the All-Stars event for representing a region, with all five of the main roster being voted as the positional representatives of the LEC.

In terms of power rankings for Group A, G2 Esports have the best odds of making it out, with a 6:1 odds of winning it all, which is the third lowest odds difference of the 16 teams. This gives them massive odds of making it out of the group stage in first place, with their only competition seeming to be GRIFFIN.


Coming from the regional powerhouse known as South Korea, GRIFFIN are the second seed, and the other sure-fire team to make it out of this group. With overall odds of 10:1 to win it all, it’s a far cry from Cloud 9 and Hong Kong Attitude. If GRIFFIN are not able to make it out of Group A, it would be seen as a stain on their record.