Worlds 2019: Group C Breakdown

With the teams in this group making up some of the strongest in the tournament, there is a reason this group is known as the “Group of Death”. Save for Clutch Gaming, the Group C matches could easily be a preview of the finals of Worlds with the records these teams hold, and the weight they hold when it comes to odds.

Group C Breakdown

SK Telecom T1

The strongest and longest-running dynasty of the previous years, SK Telecom T1 looked a bit hopeless for the past year or so after some abysmal performances. However, their legacy of 3 Worlds titles continues to back them as they come in looking very strong compared to their other counterparts, taking the first seed from South Korea.

Having qualified after winning the LCK Summer Finals of 2019, they sat well on their throne, waiting for their opponents. Currently, they are set with the lowest odds offset at 4:1 odds to win it all. Although it is realistic to give them the lowest odds available, SK Telecom T1 will have to compete with the likes of Fnatic and Royal Never Give Up to fully secure their first seed position.


As the second seed out of Europe, Fnatic are one of the longest-running League of Legends organizations. Having won back in League’s infancy during Season 1, they have had quite a few epic runs in the past, but this year they hope to take it all.

Having been placed in Group C, there is no telling what kind of skills and strategies Fnatic will pull out to bypass their competitors. However, they are seen as quite strong, with their odds favored at 21:1. Many hope to see them come out in second in this group, but that may be a far cry from what is to come during the group stage.

Royal never Give Up

One of the premier powerhouses, Royal Never Give Up has seen some strong performances in the past years at Worlds. However, they have always been just shy of reaching the pinnacle of professional League of Legends, falling to teams such as Samsung and SK Telecom. This year they will have the chance to redeem themselves, being placed in the same group as SK Telecom T1, and their star player Faker.

With a roster that includes legendary ADC player UZI, Royal Never Give Up are given quite a wide berth to work with. Listed with chances numbered at 9:1 of winning it all, one can only assume that they will be claiming the second seed spot, if not the first if they show up more than SK Telecom T1.

Clutch Gaming

When times get tough, being clutch can be a good thing. However, in this instance, Clutch seem to be out of luck. Having come in as the North American third seed representative, they made their way somewhat sloppily through the play-in stage and knockout stage, only to be drawn into what seems to be titans against a mortal.

With that in mind, Clutch Gaming are perceived to have little to no chance of making it out of the group stage. They have been given a monstrous 251:1 odds chance of them winning it all. With their upcoming management shift, however, many are hoping they will close out their 2019 season with a few surprises and upsets to be had.