Worlds 2019: Group D Breakdown

With a few interesting picks, and the best hope for North America to get into the knockout stage, Group D is working its way up to be known as the “Fiesta Group”. Aside from ahq e-Sports Club, these teams are seen almost as wildcards, and it will be based almost solely on how well these teams decide to show up, or let loose, and if they can keep it together through the double round robin phase.

Group D Breakdown

Damwon Gaming

Having made their way through the play-in stage as South Korea’s third seed, Damwon Gaming seem to be a cut and a half above the rest. Although they are known as a third seed, many believe they have the potential to make it quite far in the tournament, and possibly rival the likes of SKT and GRIFFIN for the throne.

Having made their way through a clean 3-0 in the play-in knockout stage, Damwon Gaming will be facing stiff competition from Invictus Gaming and Team Liquid. They are forecasted to be challenging, with analysts giving them 11:1 odds of winning it all.

Ahq e-Sports Club

The weakest of Group D, ahq e-Sports Club come in as the second seed from the LMS, and hope to put on a good show. Although they may seem weak on paper, with no fully outstanding players, they are nonetheless hoping to make headway through the group after they were able to make it in through championship points.

Against the likes of Invictus Gaming and Damwon Gaming, ahq e-Sports Club is seen as most likely not making it out of the group stage. Many analysts have them at 301:1 odds, the highest odds difference of the tournament teams.

Team Liquid

From the North American region, Team Liquid place in Group D as the first seed from the LCS, and look to continue their international success after their very impressive performance at the Mid-season Invitational, where they placed second after losing in the finals to the European representative.

Although they come in from one of the major regions as a first seed, many are skeptical of their overall growth and strength. Due to North America’s habit of choking and failing on an international stage, many see what would be a surefire out, as a possible third place finish. With this in mind, Team Liquid holds 34:1 odds of winning it all, and look to possibly compete against Damwon Gaming for second place.

Invictus Gaming

With China being the only region still retaining the right to have all 3 of their teams that will represent their region directly through to the group stage, Invictus Gaming come in as the third seed for China. They are seen as the other team to be able to make it out of the group stage alongside Damwon Gaming, with their roster talent and staff, as well as pedigree.

Thanks to the talent they hold, as well as the teams that are accompanying them in Group D, many assume they will either place first or second. With that, the odds for Invictus Gaming to win the entire tournament sit at 9:1, matched with Royal Never Give Up, and making them one of the lowest five payouts if they do win the tournament.

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