Worlds 2019: Matches to Watch for Groups A and B

With the first week of the Main group stage occurring shortly, we will be treated to some of the highest level League of Legends gameplay that we will view in quite some time. Between many of the games, however, you may only be able to select a few matches to be able to bet on, and put your money down to possibly earn on a predicted outcome.

Because of this, we will be going over a few of the matchups of week one that will occur in Groups A and B that will either bring about a possible close matchup, or a bet that you may wish to place just to get a big payout. Either way, these are the teams we say you should choose for your bets.

Week One: Group A

Either Way: G2 Esports Vs. GRIFFIN

The first game that will be played from Group A, G2 Esports Vs. GRIFFIN may not only be a preview of the two teams that will be moving on to the knockout stage, it may also be a preview of the battle over the seedings for the knockout stage as well. With both having equal strengths in terms talent and notoriety, many would say this is the most even matchup of the first week for Group A.

GRIFFIN, however, does have a slight edge coming from the Eastern scene. With odds balanced a bit more in GRIFFIN’s favor, we would suggest betting on GRIFFIN’s micro-skill and individual kill potential and fast paced gameplay.

Our Choice: GRIFFIN (KR)

Underdog Chance: Cloud 9 Vs. GRIFFIN

Once again, GRIFFIN is the focus of the bets for Group A. Considering they are forecasted as the strongest in this group, it comes as no surprise that they would also be one that many would like to see toppled.

For the underdog performance chance, we would place our hopes on Cloud 9 for week one. Ahq e-Sports Club would be the one to look at for a true underdog performance, but until we get to see a glimpse of their skill and how they stack up against the others, they are too much of a wildcard. Cloud 9 have a reputation of making the impossible, possible, so they are our choice for pushing GRIFFIN to a loss.

Our Choice: Cloud 9 (NA)

Week One: Group B

Either Way: Splyce Vs. GAM Esports

Both Splyce and GAM Esports are not the most convincing teams. However, they are the closest in terms of skill level, and watching these two would have the best odds and payouts when they do face off during the first week.

Although they are close, we would be giving it to Splyce for their slightly more steady performance, and that they have already gotten a bit of head start practice during the Play-in stage.

Our Choice: Splyce (EU)

Underdog Chance: GAM Esports Vs. FunPlus Phoenix

If there was any team that you would expect to beat a top seeded team, it would be GAM Esports. After showing off some exceptional gameplay and unique champion picks, they were able to topple some powerhouses back in 2017, and are looking to improve on that feat in this Worlds tournament.

Although it may seem like a tall task, GAM Esports have a reputation of doing the silly and innovative, and making it work for them. As such, they have the best chance at dealing an early strike to FunPlus Phoenix early on in the group stage.

Our Choice: GAM Esports (VN)

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