Worlds 2019: Matches to Watch for Groups C and D

As the play-in stage has come to a close, we look forward to the head to head matches that we will get to watch in the coming days, with the top teams from each region clashing for a spot in the Worlds 2019 Main Knockout stage.

Knowing the odds of who will come out on top of the head to head matchups gives great insight when it comes to knowing who to place your money on. And with the mammoths and titans in groups C and D, playing the odds has never been more precarious.

Week One: Group C

Either Way: SK Telecom T1 Vs. Royal Never Give Up

If there was a match to watch and to kick off the Worlds main Group Stage, this would be it. Played as the first match of the day as well, SK Telecom T1 Vs. Royal Never Give up sees two legends, Faker and UZI, go at it right from the start.

In either instance, and if it were more than just one game, many would see it going either way. However, in just a single game, the scale is leaning more in favor of SK Telecom T1, as the South Korean titans seem just that much stronger on paper.

Our Choice: SK Telecom T1 (KR)

Underdog: Royal Never Give Up Vs. Clutch Gaming

Although we would like to put the SKT Vs. Clutch Gaming here, we feel that would be too much of a disparity. However, RNG Vs. CG seems a bit more plausible, if not still quite insurmountable.

Given Clutch Gaming’s penchant for doing out-of-meta strategies, there is a chance they may be able to catch RNG off guard and gain a surprise win in week one.

Our Choice: Clutch Gaming (NA)

Week One: Group D

Either Way: Damwon Gaming Vs. Invictus Gaming

With both of these teams looking to shape up to be the contendors for the two seeding spots from Group D, many can assume their first match will be a preview to who will take the top seed.

With that in mind, the rumors and strength we have seen from Damwon have confirmed through gameplay and early matches, which leads us to give a slight advantage to them for the first game.

Our Choice: Damwon Gaming (KR)

Underdog Chance: Team Liquid Vs. ahq e-Sports Club

With the disparity between the teams, and who each team is bringing to the table, it comes as no surprise that ahq e-Sports Club will be playing underdog no matter who they play against.

However, the one team they have the best chance at being able to take a game off would have to be the North American representative. With them being untested as well, and North America known as choking during the group stages, the best chance for ahq e-Sports Club to claim a win would be in the first week match against the North American first seed.

Our Choice: ahq e-Sports Club

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