A New Year and a New Round of Esports Matches

So 2021 has started, and that does mean we have a new round of matches and tournaments to look forward to over the next 12 months. However, things are a bit slower in taking off right now, and that means we only have a handful of matches to discuss.

DPC Sea Qualifier – Execration vs Galaxy Racing

First up is this match between Execration and Galaxy Racing, and neither team is on a good streak at the moment. In fact, Execration have lost their last 5 while Galaxy Racing has lost their last 4.

From a tips perspective, that makes it tough to choose between the two teams as they both only have bad form to look at. The only thing we can say is the losses racked up by Execration were closer in nature than those by Galaxy Racing, so that may give a slight advantage.

Also, if we check out a longer term win rate, then Execration is also slightly ahead at 42.9% compared to 39.3. Again, it shows the fine margins we are talking about here, but those two things are enough to make Execration the slight favorites in this match.

CS:GO Funspark Rivals Pre Season – Checkmate vs w2c

Moving over to CS:GO, then we have a pre season match between Checkmate and w2c and, once again, there’s not much between both teams. Checkmate has won 2 out of their last 5 while w2c has won 3 out of the last 5.

Going to the win rate for both teams, then w2c is slightly ahead at 54.5% with Checkmate falling behind at 47.6%, so both teams are clearly capable of walking away with the victory. With little information available regarding the individual team members, we need to purely focus on their earlier matches, and from that we have put w2c slightly ahead when it comes to this match.

CS:GO Funspark Rivals Pre Season – Lynn Vision vs Xi’anTaiChangGui

Finally, we have another match in the CS:GO Funspark Rivals pre season, and this one is slightly easier to predict with the match between Lynn Vision and Xi’anTaiChangGui. Here, Lynn Vision is up against it with 3 victories from their last 5 matches while Xi’anTaiChangGui have won their last 4, and have done so in a convincing manner.

However, Lynn Vision does hold a 2:1 lead in their direct matches, but the last time was over 5 months ago, and it appears as if fortunes have changed in that time. Also, recent form has meant Xi’anTaiChangGui has closed the gap when it comes to win rate percentages, and it’s expected that this run will continue.

Of course, this early in the season makes it notoriously difficult to predict games with any certainty as each team wants to start the year with not only a victory but also a dominant performance. While these three games may fly under the radar for most people, for the 6 teams involved it’s an important time, while for those placing bets, this is the time to be cautious until we get an initial feel for how the new year is going to progress.