Blizzcon 2018 reveals new characters for Overwatch and HotS

The Blizzcon 2018 is an annual Blizzard Convention at the Anaheim Center in California. The convention sees Blizzard announce new features and competitions as well as an essential roadmap for the future. Known to support some of its oldest titles, Blizzard continues to pump in new content in the form of updates and tweaks, to matchmaking or entirely remodelling decade-old games.

Blizzcon 2018 saw updates on multiple gaming titles and has brought about changes to Heroes of the Storm, Overwatch, Diablo as well as Warcraft 3.

Ashe’s Arrival – the new Overwatch hero

In a developer update, Jeff Kaplan had potentially lowered the community’s expectations at first by explaining that there would be no new seasonal maps being released as usually expected by the players in the past. While not specifically ruling out the possibility however, Jeff managed to reignite the flame by subsequently addressing a new line up of heroes in the works.

Blizzard quickly captured attention at the BlizzCon 2018 when launching a new animated short, “Reunion”, and introducing its newest character to the ranks, Hero 29: Ashe.

Reunion provides a lot of insight and continuity to the Overwatch lore with its initial focus being on character McCree, and debuting Ashe as the prime leader of the ‘Deadlock Gang‘. Known formally as Elizabeth Caledonia, it is later revealed that her and Jesse McCree have a valid history to the game and players are expected to await a gripping backstory. Becoming the latest, playable hero to join the Overwatch crew, the game continues to expand with both new characters and the exciting arrival of 8 new regional teams in the Overwatch League.


As if Ashe wasn’t exciting enough, Reunion also shone light on Echo, an automated character previously part of the overwatch team, with promise of potentially inducting her to the game later but sadly not as Hero 30. Echo is hinted as playing a strong supportive role in the game but with the intent of keeping her character fairly mysterious. Reunion essentially provides hope of other characters  also re-joining the troops in the future. According to lore, multiple previous characters essentially ‘broke out’ from the main Overwatch team to pursue their methods of justice an example being ‘The Blackwatch’ team that led to a division within the organisation fatally wounding it.

More details of the new character are found on the official website

New Heroes of the Storm Hero – Orphea

Just like newcomer Ashe to Overwatch, Blizzard’s other title ‘Heroes of the Storm’ were also happy to announce the arrival of their new character, Orphea, heir of ‘Raven Court‘. The news of this however may have not been a complete shock to HotS fans as there have been indications of this up and coming character across various lores and stories throughout the game so far. Orphea’s role is primarily an assassin yet her vast capability through strength and damage triggers the excitement, keeping players in awe and suspense. We will also see more changes coming to Heroes of the Storm in the way of matchmaking as well as a change to the metagame, for example the players will receive an increase 15% passive experience bonus; a useful tool to bring balance to the game. Bonuses received from destroying objectives will no longer be as beneficial to players however this is a deliberate change put into effect by Blizzard to minimise the snowball effect right from the start.