Call of Duty: Cold War Information Update

There was some awesome news released by the Call of Duty (CoD) staff this month regarding their upcoming Black Ops Cold War title and it’s capabilities. Don’t be worried if you won’t be making the jump to a next generation console in November when they first release, Cold War will support cross generation and platform gaming. Yes, that’s right, you’ll be able to play with your friends and anybody else who owns the game, regardless of what gaming platform they’ll be using. This is a first from the CoD franchise and a huge step for gaming in general.

Another new thing that Call of Duty: Cold War will add is that all of the progression stats a user accumulates to their account will not be tied to their console profile but instead their CoD account. This means that if you do decide to make the move to a next generation console, none of your stats will be lost and you’ll still have all of your classes and rankings!

If you were worried about Warzone going anywhere due to the launch of Cold War, then you’ll be happy to hear it’s been confirmed that it won’t be. In fact, CoD announced their upcoming seasons of Warzone will incorporate themes and unique aspects of Cold War to its battle royale mode. The content that releases with it will not be priced either, and it will just be the typical season pass content released as free downloadable content for all who play. You’ll also be able to keep the content you’ve earned and unlocked in previous Warzone seasons. Another perk they’ll br to featuring is the continuation of a free Battle Pass System, which will allow players to unlock content by leveling up while playing rather than having to purchase them. It will be refreshing to see the range Warzone has as a battle royale and what the future of it holds for Call of Duty.

Call of Duty also announced that all post release content, such as maps, will be free for all players. It appears that they have been working their hardest to make this game accessible and playable for everyone in their fan base. They have eliminated several barriers that would have previously prevented friends and parties from gaming together. The future looks bright for this one, so make sure to check it out and tune in with your friends, regardless of what console you’ll go for and have fun together!

To check out the official release statement from Call of Duty, follow the link below;