Call of Duty League Franchises and Cloud9 Roll Out Programs to Discover Esports Talent

Good news to all those who ever wanted to move from novice to pro-gamers as there is a new chance for them. The Call of Duty League franchises have announced two programs where amateurs and unsigned talent will have an opportunity to show off their gaming skills. In the new Scouting Series, the Challengers Elite will discover some of the best amateurs in Europe and North America. This will happen through regional tournaments throughout 2021.

Some of the Challengers’ best competitors and teamless players will compete in matches hosted by the Call of Duty League franchises.

Considering that Call of Duty Challengers is a tier of competition just below the Call of Duty League, those who will join the program will be taking an official path to the pro circuit. Some of the best talents in the COD world found their way to CDL teams, where they now compete against the best players. This program isn’t the first for the CDL franchises – instead, they have had other Challengers teams, including the Atlanta Faze and London Royal Ravens.

The Call of Duty League’s New Tier of Amateur Competition

The Scouting Series program will be launching in December and will run for four days. CDL coaches are drafting four-person teams comprising of the game’s best up-and-coming-talent. This will be the best chance for players without teams to showcase their skills. On the other hand, CDL will be checking out new talents. Players will compete in the call of duty: black ops cold war that is set for release in November.

Challengers teams from North American and Europe will compete in qualifiers during the Challengers Elite new tier of amateur competition. It will involve eight squads from both geographical areas earning a position in the Challengers Elite. After, the teams will engage in dedicated tournaments from January to December in 2021. Moreover, there will be an unspecified prize pool on offer.

Away from Challengers Elite, there will also be Challengers’ Cups tournaments with similar platforms for amateur competitors. In the forum, players will earn challengers points as they move through competitive ladders. The information is not yet laid out but will in a few weeks or days.

While the call of duty challengers scouting series will be launching in December 2020 and challengers elite in 2021, Cloud9 joint with Uconnect Esports have also announced their launch for a collegiate initiative.

Cloud9 University

Cloud9 and Uconnect Esports are taking the same approach CDL is taking to help college students’ network and learn more about the esports industry. Cloud9 University is a program that will use the Uconnect platform to host collegiate tournaments.

In an October 29 announcement by Cloud9, they said that the initiative was highly sorted after in the community. The organization is glad to provide the next generation of esports talent, an exhilarating pool of events and resources. During the program, students from various universities in America have access to multiple benefits, including internship. The Cloud9 University will also be hosting a League of Legends tournament in December.

In one of esports insider, they recommended the move by the Cloud9 as it will act as a bridge between esports in college and at a professional level.