Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Warzone Playlist Update, Patch News for Xbox and PS4

Combat fanatics should expect an update for the warzone playlist this week as they carry out expeditions on the ongoing Haunting of Verdansk. Infinity ward joined other mainstream game developers like Epic to deploy their own Halloween treat marked with sinister new skins and modes. The Halloween update is the leading update players witnessed this last quarter and will likely run to sometime in early November.

The best thing about the update is that players didn’t have to download Call of Duty Modern Warfare, and they didn’t even have to restart the game, as the update was automatic. Restless fans wish that the warzone playlist update will follow suit and present zero challenges when updating.

Should We Expect More Updates and Changes?

Infinity ward is known to ambush players with updates. However, you shouldn’t expect much this week as the primary content update already happened. Besides Warzone and modern warfare playlist changes, the developer might deploy new night mode options. The current night mode and zombies are thrilling, but players still yearn for something more intense.

It is important to note that most players’ anecdotal accounts indicate that they would love a cosmetic change on the new bundles bought from the COD store. You should expect at least two additional bundles, including the “Ghost: Grim Reaper” bundle and the “Mace: Dia de Los Muertos”. The store will likely stock new blueprint weapons with enormous firepower to complement the already existing arsenal.

Trick or Treat Event

Infinity ward urges its esteemed customers to enjoy the already available Trick or Treat event while it lasts. Trick or Treat boxes are scattered in designated places of Verdansk, and players can access them on both day and night modes. When they open the boxes, players can be awarded universal treats like “The Cleaver” Legendary Melee blueprint, charms, emblems, sprays, and the Epic “Return to Dust” Assault Rifle blueprint.

However, not all boxes will contain the goodies as some come with scary gifts too! These are the trick boxes. The pinnacle reward in these chests is the “Pumpkin Punisher” Legendary Assault Rifle blueprint. This is the deadliest assault rifle in the Warzone as it is pre-configured. Players can only access the last treat after unlocking all the sixteen specific person rewards.

Update and Patch Notes

Earlier on Tuesday, October 27, 2020, Activision confirmed that the new update would be rolling on PCs, PS4, and Xbox One. Infinity Ward will also be releasing full patch notes for season 4, which will run concurrently with the update. To give you a snippet of confirmed updates, players will now enjoy a new map with capabilities of 50 teams of Quads fighting against each other on the same battlefield. This is courtesy of the latest 200-player Warzone mode. The encroaching circle will continuously fall as the battle continues.

The Update Will Cause a Possible Server Disruption

Unfortunately, players will have to download the latest COD, unlike in the latest update, where it was automatic. The update’s version weights between 20GB and 40GB. However, Infinity Ward promises that the disruption will be short-lived as stability is enhanced for PC players, who are the most likely to be affected.