Call of Duty Warzone Season 6 Information

Great news Call of Duty Warzone fans, Season 6 was just announced alongside a new premier trailer! The release has been confirmed to be Tuesday, September 29th.

In the trailer, Farah and Nikolai team up to eliminate some enemies in the subway metro system as they try to carry out a special task. The trailer concludes with the updated map followed by a graphic of Farah to build the hype.

Season 6 will feature the addition of 2 new playable operators, if you’ve played the Modern Warfare campaign then you’re sure to recognize Farah, as she appeared in it. If you aren’t familiar with the campaign, Farah has been a soldier her entire life, acting as a freedom fighter for her native country. The second playable operator is Nikolai, another familiar player in the Modern Warfare campaign. All players will be able to use Farah as soon as Season 6 releases, but Nikolai is a different story as players must be Tier 100 in order to unlock him.

If you’ve never played Warzone before but are looking to try it out, don’t worry, it’s free to play! You can download it as soon as possible and get some experience under your belt before the new season releases

According to their release article, it seems there will be a new playable area in Verdansk that we will be visiting this season. There was a subway shown in the trailer, so it looks like the battle will be heading underground next season! This could set up for some awesomely intense underground battles, as the final circle could now end up underground. What will you and your squad do to make a safe secure entry? This will be an area of the map that must be navigated tactically and alertly for certain victory.

Don’t be surprised if some new weapons drop with this update as well. New weapons have always been a staple in the updates, and they help keep the game more interesting. There also was no official confirmation from the Call of Duty team, but Griggs was mentioned in the cinematic trailer, so, fingers crossed, we could possibly be receiving him as an operator too.

Be prepared to free up some storage or prepare your external hard drive for what will most likely be another hefty sized update.

To checkout the official Season 6 trailer from the Call of Duty team, head on over to YouTube through the link below.