Call of Duty: Warzone to Feature New Content Starting November 13

New content will be introduced on the Call of Duty: Warzone and will continue to update new weapons and features from Black Ops Cold War. The two titles will integrate on December 10, 2020, but a new message from Warzone shows that weapons from Black Ops Cold War will be available in Warzone starting November 13, 2020.

The COD Warzone will, however, not switch over to the new Black Ops Cold War engine and will instead remain on Modern Warfare. The announcement came from Resetera user ShutterMunster, who is a verified Activision art lead. This is understandable, considering an engine switch would mean a total rebuild of Warzone.

What’s more, it would require rebuilding every year when new mainline COD games release. So instead of changing the engine, the focus will go to the provision of new content.

What Does It Mean for Warzone and Black Ops Cold War Players?

It’s unclear how Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War content will integrate since the weapon progression will come true on December 10. There are questions about whether players will have to open attachments for the weapons individually on warzone and black ops cold war.

If so, it means players will be unlocking the same attachment twice. So as we wait for Activision to reveal how the progress will track before releasing the first season of Black Ops Cold War, several things are expected.

The COD Black Ops Cold War will have shared progression with Warzone, whereby inventory items will be used in both games. The Warzone players will have access to Modern Warfare content they earned during previous games, such as weapon blueprints and operators.

Activision’s publication said that players would have the freedom to choose the Warfare and Black Ops loadouts in the COD Warzone. In the same publication, it is said that Activision will reveal more plans regarding the integration of Black Ops and Warzone in the coming weeks.

New Battle Royale Maps

As the Black Ops Cold War is set for launch on PC, Video Game Championships predicts that a large cold war-themed Warzone map refurbishment will occur in 2021. Players speculate that the new map for the Battle Royale mode could be released when the Cold War launch.

Several leaks suggest that the launch of a new map could be true, confirming what players are speculating. Moreover, those players who have access to the beta have played on some sections of the map.

These players played the Fireteam mode in the beta of the Cold War on the Ural Mountains on the map set to be released. The map may be released in Warzone but not on the same date as when the game launches. In fact, the reports show that the map will not be released before 2021.

Another new content that may come with the COD Warzone is a mini-map. This may happen as soon as season 6 is complete. The mini-map- Treyarch- is a favorite for players and comes from the blackout series – Alcatraz. The map is being refurbished and will be part of the new content on the COD Warzone.