Chengdu Media and TJ Sports to Co-Host 2020 LPL All-Star in Chengdu

League of Legends esports operator in China, TJ Sports has announced that they have gone into a partnership with Chengdu Media. Both companies will now host the All-star event that will happen from the 10th of December to the 12th. There will be a charity event that will feature during the course of the tournament.

On the 10th of December, the LPL All-Star will kick-off with the charity day with the hope of further expanding the cooperation between charity and the region. The charity event is titled LPL ALLSTARXLPL Cares. The glory day of the All-Star Weekend will happen the very next day. Here, they will roll out the red carpet in anticipation of the League of Legends’ annual awards ceremony. We will also witness the SOLO KING challenge on this day.

12th of December will feature three major events including the Freshman Challenge, Legendary Match, and the All-Star Weekend Main Event.

Chinese eSports Post-Championship Showdown

There has been a slowdown in the Chinese esports space after the League of Legends World Championship ended. There are a few online competitions still ongoing but do not pull as much traction as the LOL competitions do. One worthy of highlighting is the Perfect World Dota 2 League (PWL) Season 2 that features $200k in prize money. However, the major Dota 2 teams that are dominant in China such as Vici Gaming and PSG.LGD failed to join the competition.

Chengdu is one of the first cities in China to host a major esports event in the country. It is also the economic center of China’s southwest. The very first World Cyber Games that was introduced in 2009 was hosted in the city of Chengdu. The biggest esports tournament organizer in China – VSPN – also has an active esports venue in Chengdu where a lot of their King Pro League competitions are held.

The General Office of the Municipal People’s Government officially issued the “Implementation Opinions on Promoting the Development of Esports Industry”. This is in hopes of focusing on making Chengdu a “world-famous city for ports events.” The aim of this move is to focus on gathering the element resources of the esports industry, create a unique culture of esports features, explore the value of the market, and overall improve the layout of the esports industry in the city.

Chengdu hosting the 2020 LPL All-Star Weekend will go a long way to show the efforts of the city in building an environment that will favor the esports industry and further advance their goal of turning Chengdu into a world-famous city for sports events.

The League of legends Pro league off-season gave players and teams the time to operate marketing projects with their several sponsors and brands. Several other tournament organizers are looking to invite LPL teams to host League of Legend competitions in the city. In the coming years, we might experience a boom in the esports industry as more and more organizers are looking to break into the esports market in China.