Cloud9 Parts Ways With CS:GO Coach, Kassad

Cloud has recently parted ways with their CS:GO coach and will have to go in search of a new coach that will fit the team’s playing style. It was the decision of the coach, Aleksandar “kassad” Trifunovic to leave following what seemed like a clash of style between the head coach and the team in-game leader, Alex McMeekin. The information on why the coach was leaving the team came from Cloud9’s general manager, Henry “GenryG” Greer.

Team Comprimises

The departure of the coach is coming a few months after the new team has been assembled. The organization will have to look for a new coach as soon as possible, so they will start the 2021 season as prepared as they can be. The general manager also stated categorically that there is no bad blood between all parties involved, and it was just a decision that was best for the team. Kassad also commented on the situation, stating that it is the right thing to do seeing as Henry has a different vision for the team, which explains why his approach was different from his. He also explained that if it is forced they will not get any good results. The decision to split cannot have come at a better time as it is the off-season, and the departure will not create an imbalance in the team at this point.

Excerpts from a statement released by Henry reads, “Today, we say goodbye to CS:GO Head Coach, Kassad. No one is or was at fault and there is absolutely bo bad-blood between him, the organization, or the players. It simply felt like there was somewhat of a stylish clash between the IGL (Alex) and Kassad’s game, leading to a few too many compromises from a strategic point of view.”

He also used the statement as a medium to call out to potential coaches. He said, “I am still deciding which path to follow regarding the position. Considering the recent controversy around the role, my options are rather limited. Also, I think coaching is still a bit of a dark art we have not quite harnessed when it comes to CS:GO. With that said, I am absolutely willing to take a gamble on someone looking to prove themselves at the very top. If you feel you are capable of the responsibility, you know where to find me.”

Kassad was brought into the team at the same period HenryG was brought in with a vision of team rebuilding. They both came in in September when the work on the “Colossus” roster began.

New Beginnings

It is unclear what will happen now with the team and who will step in as head coach, as indicated in the statement. At this point, there is no plan to fill the role of coach for the team, as the current controversy surrounding the coaching role will make it a tad difficult.

The team is yet to get in their strides as they have not recorded any big results yet. They failed to make the playoffs in the DreamHack Masters Winter but were able to finish 3rd-4th in the BLAST Premier Fall Showdown.

With this move, it will be clear if a new coach was the missing ingredient for the team to achieve better results.