Cloud9 sign Flusha, replace Styko

An icon’s time with Fnatic has come to an end. Flusha will be parting ways with Fnatic, his team for the last five years. Under the Fnatic organisation, Flusha was able to reach the pinnacle of Counter Strike, as was one of the most dominant teams for a long period of time. They shaped the esports scene as it is today with their dominant and fearless style of play.

Following a disappointing performance at the Major, Fnatic decided to bench Flusha on September 21. It was a decision taken after Fnatic had their worst ever Major performance as, according to Flusha’s statement, he was being toxic within the team and creating an environment not conducive to the team’s progress.

Failure often brings out negativity in people and Flusha was not immune to the same. Maybe it was time for a change for both Fnatic as well as Flusha, who during his prime was crucial to Fnatic’s success in their early years. His high personal skill level has helped Fnatic win almost impossible rounds and matches.

Cloud9 sign Flusha

The North American organisation and Eleague Boston Major winners Cloud9 have announced the addition of Flusha as a stand-in. The North American squad lost several crucial players as Tarik and Stewie2k to MiBr and from their results, were not able to achieve any success close to their former selves.

“Joining Cloud9 is one of those opportunities in life that just felt right for me to pursue. Getting to play with hungry players that want to achieve what I once achieved is a big motivator because I am not done yet. I hope to bring a lot of experience to this talented and young group of players, and I’m looking forward to getting to know the team better as well. Bringing us onto a winning path will follow from there!”

They are trying out new players who can synergise with the roster and provide it with the boost that it needs. With Golden on the team as the In-Game Leader, Styko could never adjust to his playstyle.

Styko did not have the most efficient time at Cloud9

At the Major, we worked as good as we could. Trying to be on point individually and building gameplans for our opponents. But the more we played, the more lost I felt. Since Cloud9 added Golden into the roster he obviously became our leader. It was different. Golden is a great leader and leader, it’s just his style that is so hard for me to learn. 3 years ago I became a pro player and ever since I was put into positions that benefit a rather slow playstyle. I was too passive for what Golden needed me. I was making mistakes every second round, mistakes that cost us the rounds and therefore could cost us the match. You can easily lose the game while having insane stats, it’s just as easy as winning the game while having bad stats.

Flusha and Golden reunite

Golden and Flusha will be very familiar with each other’s playstyle, giving them an advantage as they seek to rebuild this roster. Cloud9 will next be seen at the Blast Pro Series 2018 where the team will face off against against MiBr in their opening match.

Flusha is an absolute legend, and I’m thrilled we’re getting a chance to work with him. The work ethic he has needed to sustain success at the highest level is going to be a great fit for our roster and organization. Can’t wait to see him in action. Welcome to Cloud9!

Jack Etienne

Cloud9’s full roster:

  • Timothy ‘autimatic’ Ta
  • .Tyler ‘Skadoodle’ Latham
  • Will ‘Rush’ Wierzba
  • Maikil ‘Golden’ Selim
  • Robin ‘Flusha’ Rönnquist

Styko: A great talent still without a team

Styko’s departure from Cloud9 does not spell the doom for his career. With Styko on Mousesports, the team was able to consistently place in the top 4 of Premier tournaments. Of course, they decided to go with the Snax route, but Styko had a great influence on the overall playstyle of Mousesports.

With the CS:GO scene waiting for potential player shuffle, we can be sure that Styko will receive offers from several teams.