CS:GO Power Rankings for the 2020 BLAST Premier Fall Showdown

Set to take place from the 24th to 29th of November, the Blast Premier Fall Showdown will give Europe and North America CS:GO teams, an opportunity to qualify for the BLAST Premier Fall Global Finals that features a $1 million prize pool. With so many competitive events happening in the CS:GO scene, this is a final opportunity for fans to get their dose of the game before the Global Finals.

The Fall Finals will kick-off from the 8th of December and finish on the 13th, with several teams from around the world battling it out to be the ultimate champion.

The first match-ups have already been fixed. For casual viewers and big game hunters, here are the power rankings for this year’s BLAST Premier Fall Showdown.

1. Evil Geniuses

They are perhaps, the strongest team in this event when it comes to firepower. All of the team’s marksmen are seemingly hitting their shots, which makes the North American team top on this list. Recent outings for the team have also shown decent performances. They seem the most likely team to go on and claim the #1 spot in the showdown, except there is a big upset. Whatever the case may be, it is more than likely that we will see Evil Geniuses advance to the CS:GO Blast Fall Finals.

2. Furia

Their rise to the top is shocking but is real. They are best known for their unpredictable and ultra-aggressive gameplay. With Furia, you are expected to see a 100% commitment and intensity in every matchup. Before their last two outings, they probably could have been pegged to claim the number one spot in the showdown. However, their performance against MiBR and G2 was rather disappointing. We will see how they can bounce back from the recent poor form.

3. Complexity

In under one year, Complexity has moved up in the global CS:GO team rankings. They are in the top ten spot, having previously ranked 67th in December 2019. However, betting sites are not giving them a lot of chances in this event because of their recent poor results. They recorded victories against Natus Vincere and Fnatic at the IEM Beijing-Haidan 2020 but is that enough momentum to push them into qualifying for the BLAST Premier Fall Global Finals?

4. Liquid

The competition in this year’s Fall Showdown might not be as stiff as we imagine. Liquid has the experience and individual skill to cause a major upset and win the tournament. Betting sites still favor the aforementioned teams over Liquid, but they still have a shot. Luckily, they were placed to face MAD in the opening round and will only square-up with top contenders if they make it to the semi-finals.

5. Faze Clan

They are perhaps the most underrated team in this competition that is capable of making a statement. They recently lost Nikola “Niko” Kovac, which to some might be a major loss. But, the truth is that they will even look better without Niko. Broky is now out of the shadows of Nikola and is one to look out for. He is capable of dropping 30 frags against anyone and winning games by himself, which is what the team currently needs. They are matched against MiBR for their first round. Their performance here will determine how far they can go in the competition.

6. Cloud 9

With their current roster and the latest addition, they look like a team that will get solid results. Its debut against Sandy was a struggle as the new lineup is still trying to get their chemistry going. Individually, they have superstars on the roster but are not yet in sync as a team. For this reason, their performance in the competition might not be exceptional.

The past couple of weeks have been very eventful as new teams have sprung up and there have been a lot of roster changes. As we progress through the competition, we will see how these changes affect the CS:GO competitive scene in the region.